The Treaty of Sydney was a treaty, proposed by Britain, to end the Japanese Expansion War.
NSWS Sydney

The Treaty

1.Japan must withdraw from Australia.

2. Japan must help Australia rebuild Sydney.

3. Japan must not take any islands in the Pacific, they should be in ether American or British or Australian control.

4.The war with the Republic of Japan continue.

5.The Allies have to pay reparations for war damage.

6. Japan has to leave the Axis and join the Allies.

7. Japan will become an economic power.

8. Japan must fight for the allies in any future wars. America, Britain and Australia will help to rebuild their economy.

9. Japan must help rebuild the port in Pearl Harbor.

10. Japan will still have some presence in the Pacific.

11. Russia may have any land they want north of Japan if it doesn't touch the mainland.


Britain - AH28

Australia - Great showing. B23 (talk) 18:58, October 9, 2015 (UTC)

America -

Japan -

Republic of China -



This is where any discussion of the Treaty takes place.

Japan Dip: We don't agree with rule 1 rule 3 and rule 12. If we join the allies then we need the nations against us to join us against ROCA. We only wish to annex Northern Australia.

Australia Dip: On the side note, we will defend, but we will wish to go further not to be completely destroyed. Some allies we hope is going to deliver massive defense to us to help Australia defend Sydney. We might agree with rule #9 and rule #5. We prove the Allies can defend Australia if soon as possible Japan goes massively huge.

British Dip: We agree that Japan should have the Northern part of Australia under these conditions: Australian and British troops have to patrol in the area and that Australia is allowed to take it back in 50 years.

Australia Dip: We should agree with Britain, they should have Northern part of Australia and we take the risk not to defend the Northern Australia.

Japan Dip: We have agreed on the Northern Australia dispute. We also require the Allies on the side of China in the war switch sides or become neutral.

US: Seeing as this is a war to STOP Japanese expansion, We do not agree that Japan should have Northern Australia. In fact, we think that Japan should give back all the land it has annexed, other than the Korean peninsula. The war with Japan should end after the treaty is signed, furthermore, the Japan should become and AFFILIATE state of the allies, but not directly part of the allies. The USA would be willing to trade with Japan, on the terms they end their war with China and agree to the treaty. We don't think Russia should be allowed to take the land north of Japan and should keep to their original borders. We wish to have a good relations with the Japanese and ask them to stop warmongering in the Pacific region. We agree to helping rebuilding Japan on the terms their military size is halved. Japan can not win this war, soon enough Japan will have been pushed out of Australia and China and will be on the defensive, so we urge Japan to end the war now to prevent unneeded casualties.

Japan Dip: Let us remind the USA, Manchuria and the east coast of China were annexed via a peace treaty agreed by the UK, Japan and the republic of China. Therefore making it LEGAL In international law!

British Dip: We offer a new version of the Treaty of Sydney.

New Treaty

1. Japan annexes Northern Australia. However, Australian and British troops are allowed to patrol in the area and Japan has to give it back in August 1989, 50 years away.

Japan must withdraw from Southern Australia.

2. Japan must not take any Ireland's in the Pacific, they should ether be in Southern Australian, British or American control. However, Japan is allowed to station ships in the British ports. It is Southern Australia or Americans choise to allow them in there ports.

3.Australia must be renamed 'Southern Australia'.

4. The war between the Republic of China will end like this: Japan will take any gains or loses they have and the country who has lost the least amount of troops will have to pay war reparations to the other. China and Japan will be allies after they both are in the allies. .

5.Japan must leave the Axis and must join the Allies.

6. Japan will become an economic power.

7.America, Britain and Southern Australia must help rebuild Japan's economy.

8. Britain, America and Japan must help rebuild Southern Australia.

9. Japan must help rebuild Pearl Harbor.

10. Japan must have some presence in the Pacific.

11.Russia isn't allowed any land.

12. America and Britain must agree a trade pact with Japan.

13. Japan will contain now of Korea, Northern Australia, Japan and its China gains.

14. America must plan to grant the Philippines independence.

New Treaty Signatures

Britain - AH28

Southern Australia - Great showing. B23 (talk) 13:43, October 11, 2015 (UTC)

America -

Republic of China -

Japan -

New Treaty Discussion

This is where the discussion of the New Treaty takes place.

Southern Australia: We agree with rule #4, rule #1.. On the side note of rule #1, Japan can have it and we can have Southern Australia which the name 'Australia' will no longer become a full land of itself. So we declare a name change possibly on week 2.

Saudi Dip: We think we should have our word and thoughts on this treaty because our troops are dying in Manchuria against Japan and we did attack Japan's invasion force when they invaded Australia.

British Dip: Guess what, you get a small island of your choice. It must be SMALL.

Southern Australia: We hope in August 1989 Japan to give us a land back on Northern Australia if possible.

Japan Dip: We offer a modified version of the treaty.

US Dip: The USA is fine with the Japanese holding of some of the cities in eastern China, but still refuses to let Japan have Australian land, as the allies are able to push the Japanese back.

Modified Treaty

  1. Japan annexes North Australia but allied troops may patrol it and if Japan commits an international crime troops may re-annex it to Southern Australia. 1989 is when Australia may retake the northern piece without Japan committing an international crime.
  2. Japan can annex islands but can not own more than 20 or a major island.
  3. Australia can chose its name.
  4. Japan keeps Manchuria, Beijing and Tianjin but China can intervene at any time in these areas but for a good reason.
  5. Xinjiang becomes an independent state and so does Tibet.
  6. Japan will be an affiliate state of the Allies until March 1940 when it becomes a faction minor.
  7. Japan will be an economic power.
  8. The belligerents of the war must help rebuild Australia, Japan and China.
  9. Japan will pay war reparations to each nation.
  10. Russia isn't allowed any land.
  11. Saudi Arabia will get two billion Japanese marks for their casualties.
  12. All belligerents should join the GASS (the global alliance of sovereign states.)

13. The USA must give the Philippines their independence.



Australia - Great showing. B23 (talk) 20:29, October 16, 2015 (UTC)

Japan- TheGreatHistorian500


Portugal - Matt121 ??? Matt125 (Talk) 23:29, October 11, 2015 (UTC)

Saudi Arabia



Southern Australia Dip: We agree with the rule #3, we should choose the name of our country but besides we will know that we might reveal it. We should go with Republic of Australia as our name of the country.

US: We still refuse to accept unless Australia remains as whole.

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