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The Treaty of Susquehanna was a treaty written up by the RoS government in an attempt to end the 2nd Pennsylvanian Civil War. 

Treaty of Susquehanna

Section 1:

  • All hostilities will cease between the RoS and Berwick Rebels by 21:00 Eastern Standard Time.
  • Both parties shall meet in (Soon to Come) to negotiate Section 2 to adjust it to both sides liking.
  • POW's on both sides shall be exchanged to their respective parties.

Section 2:

  • The Republic of Susquehanna will regain lost territory in Montour, Lycoming, and Schukill County.  Territory North of Interstate 80 shall be known as the State of Berwick. 
  • Berwick shall enter the ISAF as a member.
  • An organization known as the Appalachian Union (AU) shall be founded as an economic and governmental union between the RoS, and Berwick.
  • A non-aggression pact will be signed by both sides for the next 20 years
  • Berwick shall turn over Turkish troops and advisors to the RoS for trial. 
  • Neither side shall pay war reparations.

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