The Treaty of Stuttgart is a document, signed in 1450, that ended the short conflict caused by the Insulting of the Count of Habsburg, Ferdinand von Habsburg-Wittelsbach, heir apparent to the Austrian Archduchy, by Count Ludvig II of Wurttemberg. The Conflict ended in favour of Ferdinand, with Ludvig abdicating his realm to the heir of Austria.


  1. Hostilities between the Austrian Crown and the County of Wurttemberg will cease.
  2. Count Ludvig II will appologize to count Ferdinand of Habsburg for his insults
  3. Count Ludvig II, his heirs and successors, will abicate from the county in favour of Count Ferdinand of Habsburg, forever renouncing his house's claim to the region


CoA Austro-Bavaria In the Name of His Grace, Albert V & II,  Dei Gratia Archduke of Austria and Duke of All Bavaria, Duke of Carinthia and Carniola, High Seat of House Habsburg and House Wittelsbach; Ferdinand von Habsburg-Wittelsbach, Count of Habsburg, hereby signs with plenopotentiary powers -Lx (leave me a message)Azarath Flag

Ludvig II of Wurttemberg (autosigned due to warscore)

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