The Treaty of Strassburg is a peace treaty for written and signed in Strassburg, Rhineland in 1569 which ended the hostilities between the Kingdom of France, and the Swiss Confederacy.


Swiss relations with Austria & Lombardy

Prior to the war against austria and its allies the swiss confederacy had establish a mutual defense pact since 1420 (?). When the declaration of war from france and Hispania began the swiss joined forces with the Austrian and Lombards, however the war eventually turned into a victory from the allies in which austria lost much of its power and lombardy became a part of the Hispanian empire


  • Kingdom of France
    • United Kingdom of Lotharingia
      • Kingdom of Rhineland
      • Kingdom of Lower Burgundy
  • Swiss Confederacy


  • The United Kingdom of Lotharingia will receive the regions of Vaud and Freiburg.
  • The Swiss confederacy will break all military pacts with the HRE.
  • The Swiss confederacy will become neutral for a period no less than 25 years
  • In exchange for the neutrality from the Swiss confederacy france will protect the swiss for the same period of time and will give weaponry for the self defence of the confederation.




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