After the British Invasion of the Elbe River and Hamburg the German Reich surrendered to the British Empire, agreeing to negotiations, which lead to the Treaty of Stockholm ending the Third Great European War.The negotiations will mainly be between The British Empire and the German Reich but the Allied members are welcome to contribute.


The British Empire, her dominions, and her colonies

The German Reich

Allied members (CEPP and USSR)

British Demands

The Third Great European War shall be officially over and the Allied offenses in France and Poland shall end. Spain and Italy shall retreat from France and the Soviet Union shall retreat from Warsaw and eastern Poland.

The German Reich (Nazi Germany) shall be dissolved and form into a unified Democratic Republic with elections underway, an interim government shall be put in place in the mean time and British forces shall occupy the new German Republic to maintain order.

Former Nazi occupied Europe shall form into independent democratic republics, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland and any other nation that was invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany and part of the General Government shall be freed.

These new European democratic republics shall form the European Union, which will be a union of European states working in economic and political cooperation with one another. The EU shall be headed by the British Empire.

The British Empire shall receive the African and Middle Eastern territories that was part of Vichy France.

The new German Republic shall be held responsible for the war and will be designated as leader in rebuilding Europe, particularly Warsaw with the cooperation of the British Empire to rebuild Warsaw.

The British Empire will help rebuild the new German Republic's air force.

Italian Demands

The British Demands are in no way acceptable to us. They would give Britain political control of Europe, and ignore the help of other nations in the conflict. Britain may have initiated the war in the air, but it was Italy that pushed through France. The Italian suggestions are:

  • The Third Great War shall be officially over
  • Europe shall be split into republics as the British suggested
  • The EU will be headed by these republics to promote peace, with Britain, Italy, Romania, Spain and the USSR as observers as these were the European nations involved in the war
  • France will be occupied by Italy and Spain to maintain order
  • French overseas territory will be integrated into Italy as their culture is closest to ours
  • All European nations who fought against the Germans shall have a role in occupying the areas to maintain control

Spanish Demands

We agree with SEATO, but argue that the French cannot currently effectively govern their overseas territory. Also, it isn't really a SEATO partition is it?

Australian Partition of Europe

  • All Nazi occupied nations shall be restored.
  • Europe shall be split between Britain in the north, Spain and Italy in the south, and the USSR in the East.
  • Frances colonies shall be given back to France.
    • Leader of Free France Charles De Gaulle shall become the new French President.
    • Frances military shall be rebuilt with equipment and advisors from all of the nations.
    • France shall chose how it seeks to ally with by popular vote for the people and the government.
  • Germany shall maintain a military in case of social unrest, war, or terrorist attacks.
    • The Nazi party shall be banned in Germany along with the swastika.
    • War Criminals should have there crimes paid in Trials either in Poland or Switzerland.
    • Germany shall be a buffer state between all the powers.
  • The victors of the war might and are most likely to gain nuclear weapons to maintain peace if a war was to come with the threat to Mutually Assured Destruction, a system were there can be no victor.
  • The USSR will gain control over Poland and the Baltic States
    • Ukraine shall be annexed back into the USSR.
  • The European Union shall act as a political mediator of Europe like the League of Nations but with force of the "Gold Star Helmets".
    • Automatic members of the EU are Britain, Spain, Italy, France, USSR, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Poland, and the Baltic States.

Egyptian counter-proposal

After we had several important negotiations with the British Empire and the Greater German Reich and agreed on several things, like that stability in the middle east is crucial, we condemn the Saudi Arabians of supporting a terrorist organization that greatly undermines stability and prosperity in the Middle east and Northern Africa, who goes by the name of Muslim Brotherhood, having already murdered our Prime Minister and King Farouk I, they are nothing but a threat to all of us, a bunch of religious extremist nutjobs, with their only aim being to kill all non-believers of Islam, waiting to strike when they have the chance. Their ambitions can only not being deemed as moderate as they aim for the entire world. (Much like today's ISIS) What we ask is for the rest of the nations participating in this treaty to allow Arabia to unite at last after 777 years of oppression as agreed with the British Empire and the Greater German Reich. This is the only viable solution as only we can bring stability to the area, being pro-western and in exchange we will provide you with oil, allow deployment of foreign forces in our lands, if they wish to help us protect their oil supplies and deal with the Muslim Brotherhood threat. Of course we are gonna provide you with a constant supply of oil at very good prices.

  • Arabia unites (The ethnic Arabian nations)
    • Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Transjordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Aden, North Yemen, Saudi Arabia, (North) Sudan, Mauritania, Trucial States, Qatar, Bahrain, Western Sahara, Oman, Kuwait, Khuzestan Province)
  • German conditional surrender, in no way armed forces reducal as a way to deal with a more serious threat in the East(Of Europe).
    • Germany keeps its nuclear weapons, after all they didn't lost the war, in fact the negotiations actually happened to deal with the threat in the East. (that I mentioned before)
    • The Nazi party shall not be banned in Germany, as this would only mean the collapse of Germany helping a bigger threat in the East make a land-grab.
  • Italian and Spanish attempts at annexing a whole pre-war great power are nothing more than a land-grab, lets take it into a referendum, let the French people decide...
  • European Union is established, which will be a union of European states working in economic, political and military cooperation with one another. The EU shall be headed by the British Empire.
    • Automatic members of the EU will are Britain, Germany, Arabia, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Poland, and the Baltic States (When freed ...).
      • The USSR joining a Union of democracies that support freedom can only be interpreted as a joke.
  • France will be compensated for its colonies, but as right now are enable to hold control of them, shall either join Arabia(If ethnic Arab) or transferfed to other powers such as Spain, Italy and the British Empire.
  • The USSR occupied lands in the East, beyond the 1933 borders shall be considered illegally occupied.
  • The ones responsible for detonating a nuclear bomb in Warsaw shall be hanged, as this vile monstrous act is a crime against humanity and a enormous violation of human rights.
  • Arabian pro-western government, allows deployment of Western forces in our lands and we provide them with a constant supply of oil at cost +40% profit, stable prices.
  • I asked KK and he said it's OK. I can participate ... Also, this treaty is about the fate of most of the Arab nations so it does concern me.
  • US Dip: We aren't particularly concerned about how Europe sorts itself out but we will not allow large portions of the middle east to unify into a caliph of old and we will work our utmost to ensure that the middle east remains stable and that means not uniting a number of exceedingly diverse ethnic groups into one super state.

USSR Proposal (For occupied territory)

Poland is put under the control of the USSR. Germany pays reparations for every soviet soldier killed in the nuclear bombing of Warsaw.

Germany pays reparations for damages in World War 2.

The new Polish border reaches the Oder River.

Silesia will act as a plebiscite area and a referendum will be held by the inhabitants on its future.

The Sudetenland will act as a plebiscite area and a referendum will be held by the inhabitants on its future.

The British demands need to be revised. British Hegemony over Europe would be a mistake on all of our parts.

ITALY: We agree with the concern over British hegemony, but must point out that such reparations fees are not feasible.

USSR: Not a 100% fee. We could organize a plan for them to pay it off. possibly a 5% reparation.

Sweden: We propose that the EU be rule by a parliament with an equal number of seats for all members with elections held every for years, thus removing any hegemony and making it truly democratic. Furthermore, we propose the creation of an international organization that would be the next incarnation of the League of Nation with the goal of keeping peace in the world and address international crisis such as the Middle East crisis and the Chinese civil war. (As the hosting nation I assume that I have the right to share our vision) As for the treaty we support the idea of:

  • Germany shall pay war reparation to all occupied nation but be able to keep a defense force.
  • The element of the NAZI party and the military leadership that had committed war crime shall be judge for the said crime.
  • France shall be occupied by Britain, Italy and Spain until a capable government can take office.
  • Germany shall become democratic and de-Nazification shall take place across Europe.
  • Poland will become free as a neutral democratic State.
  • Referendum shall take place in area which are claim by several state to achieve the promise of the right of the people advance in 1919.

US compromise

This is just a summary of all the different proposals and something which could be seen as a compromise.

  • Everything east of the Oder-Niesse will be merged into Poland and Poland will take its post 1939 invasion. Poland will be democratic but the USSR troops will supervise elections.
  • Germany will maintain the Nazis party but Goring will be tried for war crimes in Paris while the Nazis can sort their own things out.
  • France will have Charles de Gaulle head of the Free French become provisional head of France and will in 6 months there will be a vote on who to elect as the new President of France. The French Colonial Empire will stay intact although Tunisia and Nice region will go to Italy while Morocco and the French Basque will go to Spain and the UK will receive French Cameroon and French Dahomey. While France will relinquish claims to Indochina as the US and China are now supervising stability.
  • Yugoslavia will be placed with Tito and his partisans as provisional head and he can organise elections himself. Greece will have its government in exile.
  • Romania will receive the Danubian planes from Bulgaria as recompense for joining the war.
  • The US will make a large amount of relief money available to former occupied German countries excluding Poland while this will put German in debt to the USA and they will be excepted to pay it off over 50 years.
  • Belgium and Netherlands will be re-established with their governments-in exile-in place.
  • Denmark will have its government in exile reinstalled while Norway will have its government in exile but Sweden will receive everything past Nedre Jernvatnet.
  • Austria will become a nation again and have UK, US and Italy supervise democratic elections. Czechoslovakia will become Czech republic where independent elections will be supervised by the UK and US and Slovakia where independent elections will be supervised by the USSR.
  • Hungary will surrender North Transylvania to Romania and UK, US and Romanian forces will supervise elections.
  • The solution to the Arab question can be solved by them somewhere else because it is separate to the problems in Europe.
  • The UN will be established with UK, US, USSR as leading members and so can veto any resolutions while all other nations will have a vote in the main assembly. The point of the UN is to promote peace and it will have the ability to raise a peacekeeping force from its member states as well as impose economic sanctions although it cannot mandate a nation to take action.


Sweden: we agree to all but suggest that the Jewish issue shall be discuss later after the end of the Middle East crisis since announcing a Jewish State now would further create instability in the Middle East.

Anyway this treaty is a piece of paper that I prefer to wipe my ass with rather than sign and I am sure that certain other nations like Germany, USSR, UK, Italy, Spain, Sweden see it my UK, Sweden, Italy and Spain literally get nothing, giving them a colony each that they will lose no matter what, although they fought a very costly war and the USSR was literally nuked and had many casualties, just to get 2 small nations and the Nazi's didn't surrender unconditionally and remember they still have nukes, in fact they are mass producing right now, so get serious. Why don't just we agree that the nations still standing from this conflict(Not Germany) are really gonna take advantage of this and not get conned, not this charade and USA will not be the one dictating the terms since they weren't even involved ... Although regarding Germany it would be wise to let the Nazi party in rule, keep Austria and not persecute everyone of its members for war crimes, since you also did more than enough... and to actually make them to agree with this treaty that as I state again, it's not a German unconditional surrender, but a conditional surrender, since this could turn up PRETTY UGLY shall the Germans decide not to accept this treaty, the nuking of nearby nations and the obliteration of your armies shall they reach too close to Germany...,although free elections are a requirement. And Romania getting double size is stupid and biased as hell. The Jewish state solution is gonna force all Arab states to attack it. Finally all the states that participated in this war didn't fought for nothing at all...

This treaty is updated with better terms so ignore this ...

British Empire: We appreciate the United States for trying to compromise between all the competing demands. We, however, feel we are not getting just compensation for the treaty despite most of the terms being fair. Thus we shall sign the American treaty under the conditions that Germany goes under British influence and the EU is formed as Sweden proposed.

US: You guys can sort out the EU and all but yeah basically it isn't OK for the UK to dominate all of Europe. Germany is far to large to simply be under British influence. Yes a Jewish state solution can be discussed elsewhere fine.

British Empire: We wish to clarify that by Germany goes under British influence we mean that Germany is primarily a British ally and trade partner.


Kingdom of Romania: AM, King of the Banat

USSR: Nlenhardt

Nazi Germany: Through Stars We Rise. (Welcome to the Universe). 19:23, June 10, 2016 (UTC) (As long as British influence is kept out of Europe). 

(British influence is being kept out of Europe, it will only be Germany that's under British influence-Kame)

(Fine..........I agree to the terms proposed here. - Ace009)

British Empire: KawaiiKame (talk) 21:53, June 10, 2016 (UTC) (With Germany agreeing to trade with and be allied with us primarily we sign)

Sweden: Rdv65 (talk) 19:41, June 10, 2016 (UTC) (We advocate another conference that will take question of the Middle East conflict issue along the Jewish State question instead of dealing with those here)

Spain: His Imperial Majesty, Lord of the Sky and Stars, Ruler of Rome, Emperor Romanus

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