The Treaty of St. Johns was signed to end the Reman/Algonquian conquest of Arcadia and to divide the resultant spoils of war.


  • Arcadia shall be dissolved.
  • All Arcadian territory north of the St. Lawrence River shall become subject to Algonquia, although a strip of land along the coast shall become the autonomous Republic of Labrador, while all land up to OTL New York State will be annexed to Reme, with a few independent states in the locations of OTL Rhode Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, to be created. These states shall enter into an alliance with Reme (Algonquia has an option to ally as well) and shall be protected and allow Reman influence into them, with current populations being promised special privileges throughout the Reman Empire and other newly created states under Reman influence.
  • Both nations shall recognize each other's possession of this territory.
  • Both nations shall assist each other in suppressing revolts in the former Arcadia.


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