The Treaty of Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is a treaty between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the people of Raigama, which guarantees Raigama protection from other European powers, help with disease, and semi modernization in exchange, for use of manpower, resources, and the set up of Raigama becoming a protectorate of the Netherlands.


Article 1

On Trade

  • Raigama shall trade preferentially with the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • Raigama shall seek the approval of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, or its duly appointed representative, prior to starting trade with a new foreign power. Certain foreign powers herein listed shall be considered "open" to the merchants of Raigama, but shall not receive the aforementioned preferential treatment.
  • Raigama shall open its ports to the Netherlands, and allow the Dutch to construct trade houses and other facilities for the purpose of promoting trade.

Article 2

On Military

  • The Armed Forces of Raigama shall be integrated into the military of the Netherlands as colonial units, and at the disposal of the Dutch Empire. The use of these forces is not to be restricted but the troops must undergo some training to reach Dutch standards.
  • Raigama's ports shall be fitted to facilitate Dutch military ships and be able to repair and facilitate a regional fleet.
  • Raigama shall allow the Dutch to construct a naval base on Sri Lanka, to station a fleet capable of protecting the interests of the Dutch and Raigama in the region.

Article 3

On Diplomacy

  • Raigama shall be allowed to conduct diplomacy with Indian nations, as approved by the Netherlands.
  • Neither Dutch nor Raigama shall put one another in direct harm for their own interests or as consequence of their actions.

Article 4

On Amendments

  • In order to alter the wording of the text of this Treaty, both parties must agree to the proposed changes and then the changes shall be enacted on the First Day of the Year directly following the ratification of the changes.
  • In order to add a new section [bullet point] to an existing Article, both parties must agree to the content of the proposed section and then the ratified changes shall go into effect the First Day of the Year directly following the renewal of the Treaty.
  • In order to add a new Article to this Treaty, both parties must agree to the exact text and then must sign off on the proposed Article, in which case the changes will be enacted on the First Day of the second Year directly following the changes.
  • This Treaty shall remain in full force and effect until nullification is declared by either party and recognized by the other party.

Article 5 (w/ Amendment of 1590)

On Resources

  • For the betterment of the Netherlands and its economy the Dutch will require twenty percent of all precious metals of gold and silver as well as jewels discovered or obtained by the government of Raigama.
  • The Dutch will also require ten percent of all raw metals for weapons and other regular tasks.
  • The Dutch will sell weapons to Raigama and assist in their modernization, as well as partially finance infrastructural projects beneficial to both parties.

Article 6 (Added in Amendment of 1590)

On Colonization

  • All lands explored or discovered by explorers from the Netherlands or Raigama will be claimed by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • All colonial expeditions, including the establishment of colonial settlements by Raigama, although still Raigama's property, shall be administered by a Dutch governor, and be considered a part of the Dutch colonial empire.
  • All settlements financed by the King of Raigama shall be regarded as his property, but still administered by the Dutch and viewed as part of the Netherlands, meaning that all Dutch laws must be upheld, and that Dutch settlement and trade must be allowed and protected.



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