Treaty of Sarai
Type of treaty Peace Treaty
Drafted October 6, 1462
October 21, 1464
Sarai, Astrakhan Khanate
October 22, 1464
Effective when a representative of the nation signs
Expiration None
Signatories Flag of the Mughal Empire Gurkani Sultanate
Golden Horde flag 1339 Astrakhan Khanate
Novgorod flag pm3 Russian Boyardom
Languages Persian, Russian and Chagatai Turkic

The Treaty of Sarai was drafted in 1462 by the ambitious Gurkani Sultan, Zeeshan Beg Mirza who had sought to cripple the Russian Boyardom and to prop up the Astrakhan Khanate as an effective buffer state between the Gurkani and Europe. It was later amended in 1464 and was used as the official document to end the Crimean War that had lasted from 1462 to 1464. The war witnessed the conquest of large swaths of Russian territory and the destruction of Moscow; allowing for the effective reclamation of historic Astrakhan lands. 

The Treaty was later signed at the city of Sarai which used to serve as the historic capital of the Golden Horde and later temporarily as a major trade hub for the Astrakhan Khanate.


Treaty of Sarai
Demands are as follows
  • The Russian Boyardom will cede territories in Southern Ukraine and Crimea to the Gurkani Sultanate.
  • The Russian Boyardom will cede all territories that were originally controlled by the Astrakhan Khanate prior to unlawful and unprovoked Russian act of warmongering when they annexed Astrakhan territories following the White War (1415-1416).
  • The Russian Boyardom will cede certain areas that were originally part vassal states of the Golden Horde, primarily along the original Russian-Astrakhan borderline. 
  • The Russian Boyardom will relinquish and renounce all claims over the areas ceded to the victorious powers.
  • The Russian Boyardom will pay tribute to the Astrakhan Khanate for a period of 20 years. 
  • The Russian Boyardom will sign a truce with the Astrakhan Khanate that will last for a period of five years initially, and can later be extended if Russian/Astrakhan leadership wishes to do so. 



On behalf of Sultan Zeeshan Beg Mirza, The Amir of the Gurkani, the Conqueror of Empires, the Shahenshah of Iran, the Custodian of Najaf, the Sultan of all Persians, the Protector of the Caliph, and the Destroyer of the Infidels; Mahmud Mirza, the Amir of Bukhara -             Roman Crown   The night is dark and full of terrors. 

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