PMIII 1934 Chinese Demands

Demands of the Empire of Japan and Mongolia at the end of the Forth SIno-Japanese war.

The Treaty of Sanya followed the Forth Sino-Japanese war, and saw the inclusion of more land into the Japanese Vassals on the Chinese coast, and the annexation of Chinese lands by Mongolia.   

Lead up

China began aggression by sending an army to occupy the Japanese vassal states of Yantai, Qingdao, Shanghai and Heinan. The Japanese Military was fortunately mobilized for a major drill, and quickly deployed to the embattled states. After a year the Chinese had been thrown back and had even lost territory to the Army of Japan. Suddenly in 1935 the Mongolians began an invasion of China, allying to Japan in the process. A Japanese counter attack in the same year which continued into 1936 saw the end of the conflict with the division of several portions of China.

The Conflict

1.6 million Japanese soldiers landed to defend the Chinese states. They quickly established perimeters around the states and threw back several Chinese armies despite being outnumbered 3 to 1. A small northern army quickly captured the coasts of northern China, while several other armies drove deep into China. The next year, with support from Mongolia, the armies of Japan and Mongolia conquered most of northern China. by 1936 the joint army had pushed far south and had captured most of china's population centers.


Japanese Terms

  • China will cede a strip of land and the Shandong peninsula to Yantai. 
  • China will cede a portion of Anhui province to Shanghai. 
  • China will cede land between Qingdao and Vietnam.  
  •  China will cede the new state of Fuzhou as a dependency of Japan.
  •  China will respect and uphold the Japanese influence of Yantai, Shanghai, Qingdao and Fuzhou.
  •  China will surrender all armored vehicles, airplanes, and ships to Japan.
  •  China will maintain a military of no more than 1,000,000 active duty soldiers and 250,000 reserves.


Emperor Hidehito of the Japanese Empire:~~~~

(Insert Chinese Leader here): 2lazy4propersignature.

Chinese response

China points out that Mongolia and China are fighting in a different war. The Chinese government is willing to accept the Japanese terms, if the treaty states that the Treaty of Beijing is declared illegal and this is the true treaty to end all Japanese-Chinese conflicts.

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