The Treaty of Sandwip is a formal treaty that hereby establishes peaceful, friendly, and commercial relations between the states of Alexandria and Bengal. 


  • Alexandria will be granted land upon which to base their trade operations around the Bay of Bengal and the greater part of India. These locations are within:
    • The Island of Sandbīpa (Sandwip) off the coast of Bengal Proper.
    • Within the Fishing Village and Small Harbor of Sittē (Sittwe).
      • These lands are settlements which will be controlled by Alexandria, but will be under the protection and colors of Bengal as they have always been, until a fifty year period has passed for the Island of Sandbīpa, upon which it will be granted to Alexandrian control, and then another eighty-year period passes upon which the Fishing Village and Small Harbor of Sittē shall also be granted to Alexandrian control; provided that all nations in agreement with the treaty still agree to it when the time comes to transfer control.
  • Bengal will then further the cause of Alexandrian trade by jointly colonizing the Nikōbara Dbīpapuñja (Nicobar Islands).
  • In return, Alexandria will not act against Bengal nor it's interests.
  • Bengal will also be able to request access to certain technological advancements understood or made by Alexandria, within reason.
  • Part of the terms to this treaty are exclusive to this treaty.
  • Acknowledging that this tradeful and peaceful treaty will benefit both Bengal and a host of other Indian nations in the realm of technology and trade, the interests and actions of Alexandria within India shall be protected by Bengal and any other Indian state that wishes to agree to this final term.

Signatory Powers

Kingdom of Alexandria: King Grigorios, First King of Alexandria, Regent King of Ethiopia 1496 g greg e (talk) 21:04, May 12, 2014 (UTC)

Sultanate of Bengal: Sultan-i-'Bhāṛāṭē-naiki' of Bengal, King of Arakan, and King of Ava "SO SAYETH THE EAGLE" - Fascist Eagle ಠ_ಠ (talk)

(Any Indian state wishing to protect this access to tech and trade):

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