Commie Proposal

  • Treaty of San Jose Demarcation Line NotLAH

    The proposed demarcation lines. PM Wilson and the UR proposed the the 37th parallel north bisecting the country. Communists, however proposes the line should follow Route 108, then from the OTL town of Turlock, follows a straight line parallel to the 37th parallel north

  • The Communist government retains power north of the demarcation line. A new and democratic government, that would suceed the deposed one is allowed to administer the terriroty south of the said line.
  • Neither side would pay reparations


  • Oceania refuses to allow this.
  • United Republics: we fought this battle because the Communist government forcefully forced California under its rule ... we seek that the people have a full democratic government
  • Republic of California interim government: As for now, this is the only way to end the 40- year feud between Communists and democrats.
  • United Republics: We fully support the democratic government being fully re-instated over all of California
  • Texas absolutely REFUSES to allow the areas occupied by NAL troops to be taken over by Communists. Communism is a discredited ideology ever since the end of the Cold War in the 1980's. California needs to take a hard line against Communism so this never happens again.

Interim government of the Republic of California proposal

  • The citites of Sarcamento and the Bay Area would be administered as mandated territories by the NAL and the Interim Government (and then its republican successor) in the South for ten years, to prevent hampering economic trade.
    • ​Honestly they probably should be managed by the NAL, especially Sacramento. which was taken by Texas ... As the UR I have no claim over Sacramento whatsoever, and if i do I transfer the claim of Sacramento and the surrounding region to the NAL (still considering what i would want to do with the Bay Republic ... depends on the other terms and limitations of Communism in the treaty). G greg e (talk) 02:17, August 4, 2013 (UTC)
    • We can agree to this. The Doctor is in... 20:03, August 11, 2013 (UTC)

Texas proposal

  1. The interim government of the Republic of California shall administer over all the territory that made up the Third Republic of California before the communists took over.
  2. The interim government shall be replaced by the Fourth Republic of California, with elections taking place no later than November 1, 2005.
  3. Communist parties shall be outlawed, along with any symbols representing them. These laws shall be similar to how pre-apocolypse Germany handled Nazi symbols.
  4. The areas of Sacramento and the Bay Area will be occupied by the NAL until communist elements are wiped out. NAL troops will also assist in any necessary future conflicts.
  5. The UR and NAL will assist with rebuilding California.


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