Treaty of Samarkand
File:Fixed Samarkand Terms PM3 2.5.png
Map showing the territorial and claimant changes of signatories -- (Disregard Annexed Ruthenia)
Drafted 1890
Effective 1892
Signatories the Caliphate

Imperial Japan
Empire of India
Roman Empire

Languages Arabic

The Treaty of Samarkand also called the Treaty of Kazan was drafted in 1890 in order to end the only single year conflict against the Tartary, the Tartary against the Caliphate, the RPSR, and Imperial Japan. Although not destroying the Tartary completely, it confiscated over 85% of the Tartary's land to the three participants of the war, with the RPSR receiving the most land of the three. The treaty also included terms on the division of Asia, also including the Roman Empire and the Empire of India. 

Treaty of Samarkand

Concerning Territory

  • The Tartary will cede all land bordering the Sea of Okhotsk to Japan. (Refer to Map)
  • The Tartary will cede all of Siberia and the Urals to Russia. (Refer to Map)
  • The Tartary will cede a moderate patch of land north of their state to Russia. (Refer to Map)
  • The Tartary will cede a moderate patch of land north of their Central Asian vassals to the Caliphate. (Refer to Map)
  • The Tartary will cede all land bordering the Black Sea to the Roman Empire

Concerning Influence

  • All signatories will recognize the Tartary as in the Russian sphere of Influence
  • The rump Tartary adopts a socialist government, forming the Democratic People's Republic of Tartary, and is added to the Orleans Conference
  • The Caliphate and the Empire of India will divide Afghanistan into two claims (Refer to Map)
  • Half of Burma, Nepal and Assam are all Indian claims. (Refer to Map)
  • All signatories will recognize Korea as in the Japanese sphere of Influence, and Japanese claim on Korea. (Refer to Map)

Concerning Other Agreements

  • Half of the Tartary Treasury will be divided equally between the three participants in the war.
  • The Tartar Royal Family is deported to Constantinople with promise of safe passage. 



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