The Treaty of Saint-Malo formally recognized the (until then de facto) separation of the French Empire between two entities: the French Republic and the United Royal Provinces. Both parties agreed to recognize the government of the other and renounce giving active or passive aid to groups trying to "trouble the peace" in the other state.

Many on both sides decried the general amnesty given to "unofficial activists" (read: spies and saboteurs) as well as the lack of compensation for lost lands and income. It did however allow for the renewal of trade between the 2 states, safe passage to passport holders, the choice (within five years) to adopt the citizenship of the other state (though not in addition to one's current status), the return of troops in detention and finally, land and goods confiscated by a government but not yet sold off would be given back *as is* to its previous owner.

Despite the odd incident, the treaty has managed to hold for over a hundred years and relations between the 2 countries tend to be cordial.

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