The Treaty of Sagaing was a treaty signed between Tibet (and its Kachin allies) and the assembled nobles of the defeated Kingdom of Ava, to end the Irrawaddy War.


  • Ava shall officially cease to exist; all feudal rights and obligations of and to the former King of Ava shall be transferred to the Tibetan Kashag council.
  • Northern Ava, namely the areas under the rule of Tibet's Kachin and Chin allies, will become a Tibetan vassal, called Taing Kachin, which shall be ruled by its ancestral rulers.
  • The remainder of Ava will be directly annexed to Tibet and ruled as Tibet sees fit.
  • Rulers who fought on behalf of Ava will be dispossessed and replaced with Tibetan candidates; those who did not will retain their lands, titles, and rights, but shall send their children to be educated in Lhasa.
  • The official religion in these areas will be Mahayana Buddhism, with the Dalai Lama acknowledged as bodhisattva and religious authority. Tibetan shall be the sole liturgical language and all monks will be educated in Tibet.


  • Genden Gyatso, the Dalai Lama, Avalokitesavara Tulku, Guru of Gelugpa, Karmapa Kagyupa, Sakya and Nyingma, on behalf of the Tibetan Kashag - Shikata ga nai! 02:06, February 18, 2016 (UTC)
  • Shwenankyawshin, King of Ava - Mod

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