The Treaty of Rouenelle was a document that ended the Franco-Nehilaw War of 1648 and established the Nehilaw as a protectorate.


Article 1

On Trade

  1. The Nehilaw shall trade preferentially with France.
  2. The Nehilaw shall seek the approval of France, or its duly appointed representative, prior to starting trade with a new foreign power. Certain foreign powers herein listed shall be considered "open" to the merchants of the Nehilaw, but shall not receive the aforementioned preferential treatment. These nations are:
    • Oldenburg   
    • Scandinavia 
    • Brittannia
  3. The Nehilaw shall pay France a tax of 1500 tons of furs and sundry other goods equal to the value of the furs each year, and an additional 10% of any Nehilaw tax take.
  4. France shall assist in the development of a merchant marine for the Nehilaw.

Article 2

On Military

  1. The armed forces of the Nehilaw will be at the disposal of the King of France and his appointed royal governor.
  2. In order that these forces will be effective in promoting French interests, they will be trained to reach modern standards.
  3. France shall also assist in the development of a viable Nehilaw navy. 
  4. France shall receive half of the remaing Nehilaw territory in Aksimiki island (following the cession to Oldenburg), and the port of Arviat.

Article 3

On Diplomacy

  1. The King of France shall have the authority to appoint a Royal Governor for the Nehilaw in Aksimiki who will act as the duly appointed representative of the French Crown in the Nehilaw territories and shall have all legal powers to enforce this Treaty.

Article 4

On Amendments

  1. In order to alter the wording of the text of this Treaty, both parties must agree to the proposed changes and then the changes shall be enacted on the First Day of the Year directly following the ratification of the changes.
  2. In order to add a new section [bullet point] to an existing Article, both parties must agree to the content of the proposed section and then the ratified changes shall go into effect the First Day of the Year directly following the renewal of the Treaty.
  3. In order to add a new Article to this Treaty, both parties must agree to the exact text and then must sign off on the proposed Article, in which case the changes will be enacted on the First Day of the second Year directly following the changes.
  4. This Treaty shall remain in full force and effect until nullification is declared by either party and recognized by the other party. 


King of France-  Sine dei gloriem "Ex Initio Terrae" (talk) 22:41, October 6, 2014 (UTC)

High Sachem of the Nehilaw - Shikata ga nai! 22:28, October 6, 2014 (UTC)

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