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The Treaty of Rostock was a peace treaty which ended the War of Prussian aggression.


  • The nation of Prussia and the Grand Duchy of Hesse and its allies shall agree to a non aggression pact lasting a minimum of twenty-five years.
  • The region of Vorpommern (western third of Pomerania) will be annexed to Mecklenburg.
  • The remainder of Pomerania will be granted independence from Prussia into the sovereign Duchy of Pomerania, within the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Both parties agree to refrain from influencing or vassalizing the Duchy of Pomerania.
  • The nation of Prussia shall agree to pay for the repair of any damaged infrastructure caused to the nations of Hamburg and Hesse during Prussia's initial invasion.


  • Friedrich I, Duke of Hamburg and Mecklenburg Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806) Gib clay, remove Kebab Flag of the German Empire
  • George, Holy Roman Emperor, on behalf of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Archbishop-Elector Christian von Württemberg, on behalf of the Electorate of Trier. - NonEuclidean ツ (Talk)
  • Karl II, King of Prussia Yank 01:55, April 22, 2014 (UTC)
  • Wilhelm I, Grand Duke of Hesse Blocky858 (talk) 23:40, April 22, 2014 (UTC)

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