The Treaty of Rome is a treaty reaching agreements about Italy in the post war with Spain, and its allies. The Treaty officially establishes the territorial acquisitions of the  Hispano-Austrian Union (Spanish led acquisitions in this regard), France, and Milan and the retaking of HRE provinces and re-admitting them to the empire under Milan


The War began due to italy declaring war on Spain following the Spanish claim to the Italian throne. While the Spanish did not declare war to back up this Claim, the Italians did and prepared for the invasion. 

Following multiple battles most notably outside of Rome, and Naples and a few scattered naval battles the War was concluded in a relatvely shot period of time considering Naples previous ruthless ferocity.


Article 1: Spanish acquisitions and Terms

  • The Kingdom of Italy is to enter in a Personal Union under the Kingdom of Spain and its Empire of Hispania. Florence will be integrated into the Kingdom
  • The Title of King of Italy will be integrated into the King of Spain title bringing the Spanish monarch to rule as King of Spain and Italy.
  • Savoy and Genoa will be Vassals under the Kingdom of Spain
  • The Medditerrenean isles will also be ceded to Spain and ruled under jurisdiction of the kingdom of Italy (Sicily, Malta etc) and Genoa (Corsica)
  •  The Italian colony in the Americas will be allowed new immigrants from Italy, and will not be conquered or conquested by the Spanish for a Period of 100 years in which the Spanish will allow them to find a new government to supply them and keep them afloat. This part is void if they are the aggressor

Article 2: French Acquisitions

  • The French will gain Provence, Anjou, and parts of savoy as reward for the conflict
  • The French and Spanish will enter into negotiations for promised territory in Peru for their assistance in the War for the Italian crown.
  • The French will not interfere in the politics of the Former italian colony for a period of 100 years unless absolutely neccessary or they have been the aggressor.

Article 3: Milanese and Austrian Acquisitions and Terms

  • Milan will gain a series of minor Italian states in order to re-integrate them into the HRE on Austrias guidance.
  • Austria will recognize the Spanish Crowns authority and Claims in Italy and will gain preferential land trade treatment within the Kingdom in exchange for this.
  • Milan and Austria both will be gifted a sum of Money from Spain in their assistance in the conflict and will attend a tournament and royal event in Spain to facilitate the improved relations.
  • Milan, Rome, and Spain will work out a naval and trade treaty workable between them to prevent either from having a total trade monopoly over the Italian region and prevent wars over trade (This excludes the obvious advantage Spain has by owning the End line trade ports, but allows for freedom of trade on the sease and less taxes, and Excludes Land trade in Italy for obvious reasons.)
  • The Austrians and Milanese will avoid interfering with the Former Italian colony for a period of 100 years (This is moot if they are the aggessor) 

Article 4: Roman Acquisitions

  • Italian Albania will be Ceded to Roman Albania
  • The Romans will be included in trade talks in the Italian region to allow for fair trade to occur within the Italian Region and prevent any single power from gaining a monopoly over the Italian regions Sea Trade and prevent trade wars. (Land Trade is not included for obvious reasons)
  • The Romans will avoid interfering with the Former Italian colony for a period of 100 years. (This is void if they are the aggressor)



I recomend a map, so people can easily see the acquisitions they made. I also want to see how my country will be divided up (Note that I'm a visual learner). Saturn (Talk) 15:10, June 4, 2014 (UTC)

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