Treaty of Rome
Peace Treaty of Rome
Type of treaty Peace Treaty
Drafted Week 1 of August, 1939

- Hungary acquires the territory of Trieste all the way to the Austrian border.

- Italy's army becomes limited to 100,000 men. Their navy is disbanded. Lasts for 20 years.
- War reparations paid to Hungary, Poland and Scandinavia.
- Albania becomes independent.
- Italy is excluded from the Axis.
- Duce Mussolini is replaced as Italy's leader.
- Truce for five years.
- Tuscany, including Florence, is ceded to Scandinavia.
- Sicily and Sardinia become independent.
- Enforced Military access through Italy.
- 1/4th of Italy's gold reserve goes to Scandinavia.
- Hungary gets all of Italy's existing ships.
- Remaining parts of Italy are divided. Northern Italy and Southern Italy are created as states. (Current Italy player gets control of Southern Italy)

Signatories - Hungary - Nicktc

- Italy -
- Scandinavia -
Arkius Doomer
- Poland -

Parties Italy, Hungary, Scandinavia, Poland
Language English
Languages Hungarian, Italian, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish, Polish

The Treaty of Rome was a treaty proposed by Hungary during the Italian invasion of Yugoslavia, in hope to end the war between Yugoslavia and its allies, against Italy.