Treaty of Rome
Treaty of Rome 1514 Map (Caesar of Rome)
Map of Italy after the Treaty
Type of treaty Peace treaty
10 July 1514
Flag of Cross of Burgundy Rome, Latium
Signatories Flag of Cross of Burgundy Spanish Empire

Pavillon royal de la France France
Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Venice
25px Florence

Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1453-1517) Ottoman Empire

The Treaty of Rome (Latin: Tractatus de Romano; Spanish: Tratado de Roma) was the peace treaty that ended the Ottoman-Italian Wars. The treaty saw the official surrender of the Ottomans in the Italian peninsula, and the expulsion of all Turks (except those who would willingly convert to Christianity). The treaty also changed the borders in Italy after the Ottoman territories were liberated.


Terms of the treaty

  1. The Ottoman Empire ends all hostilities in Italy and surrenders all of its remaining claims. As well, all Muslim Turks are expelled from the peninsula and forced to return to the Empire, unless they willingly convert or have converted to Christianity.
  2. The Eyalet of Napoli is returned to Spain as Naples. The islands of Sardinia and Sicily are also united into the Kingdom.
  3. Portions of the former Papal States are governed as the territory of Latium, under Spanish sovereignty.
  4. Venice's gains of Ferrara, Bologna, and Romagna are recognized, and Venice gains influence in Mantova and Modena.
  5. Florence gains the Duchy of Urbino as well as Perugia.
  6. France gains influence in Savoy and Milan.