Treaty of Ricmond

June 17th, 1866

The Peace between the Unites States of America and the Confederate States of America shall be as follows and only as follows:

1. The Confederate States will be recognized by the United States of America.

2. The United States will cede the states of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Maryland.

3. The territories of New Mexico, Arizona, and the Indian Territories will be ceded to the CSA.

4. The western border between the USA and CSA will be set at the northern border of the Indian Territories.

5. All of California south of the Indian Territories Northern border will be ceded to the Confederacy as the state of South California. The remainder of California will become the Union state of North California with its southern border set at the northern border of South California.

6. Washington DC will be ceded to the Confederacy.

7. All prisoners of war will be exchanged after the signing of this treaty.

8. The USA must demilitarize its side of the US-CS border for 15 years.

9. If this treaty is broken by the United States the war will immediately resume.

Jefferson Davis Abraham Lincoln

Jefferson Davis Abraham Lincoln

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