The Prague Treaty ended the Kliment Idiocracy of Bohemia and made Bohemian crown possessions join the Grand Croatian Bajanate.


  1. The Kliment family will be either executed in Bohemia or exiled from the Grand Croatian Bajanate.
  2. Bohemia will join the Bajanate as the Czech Banate and Silesia will join as the Silesian Podbanate
  3. Croatian Moravia will be returned to its rightfull owner, the Czech people, as part of the Czech Banate.
  4. Red Croatia and White Croatia will be united into the Croatian Banate.
  5. Carantania will become a direct vassal of the Croatian Banate.



  • Croatian ruler: His Illustrious and Apostolic Excellency, Bajan Alojz Dobrogost I. Nelipić, Bajan of the Grand Croatian Bajanate, Ban of the Croatian Banate, Lord of the Eastern Adriatic, Ban of the Isles of the Bajanate, Ban of Carantania Island and protector and supporter of Slavic unity. SkyGreen24(P,Q) 00:09, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

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