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Treaty of Pottsville
Treaty of Demarcation, Social, Economical, and Political Friendship of The Commonwealth of Susquehanna and Reading in Pottsville
Drafted 2 February- 25 June 2015
15 July 2015
Pottsville, Schuylkill County, Reading
Sealed 16 July 2015
1 August 2015
Ratification by the Commonwealth of Susquehanna General Assembly and Reading General Assembly
Expiration Indefinite
Signatories Commonwealth of Susquehanna, Reading
Parties Commonwealth of Susquehanna, Reading, United Communities
Depositary United Communities
Languages English

The Treaty of Pottsville was signed between the Commonwealth of Susquehanna and Reading. The treaty was written up over a period of approximately five and a half months.

This treaty was seen as a landmark agreement for two Pennsylvanian survivor states. It set borders between the nations, provided for economical support to one another, and provisions to begin connecting infrastructure including more roadways and expanding the rail lines.

There are also provisions for collective defense and training of each nation's respective militaries and police forces.


After contact between Susquehanna and Reading began in late 2004 the governments of each respective nations had claims and territory in former Schuylkill County, and overlapping claims in Carbon County. Due to the distance between the nations, this was a nonissue and ignored. But after the Reading-Allentown War between Reading and the Allentown Mob, and Operation Retribution between Susquehanna and multiple gangs.


Article 1

Both Parties, Reading and the Commonwealth of Susquehanna have social and moral obligations to the citizens of territories between both Reading and the Commonwealth of Susquehanna. This territory will be split among the demarked lines in this Treaty, and each party has a responsibility to the other to ensure as safe transition of control.

Article 2

Political Division between Reading and Susquehanna

Orange: Territorial claims of Susquehanna Dark Green: Reading Light Green: Territorial claims of Reading Pink: Leighton

The demarcation line of future territory will be followed by each nation. Territory over the line may be crossed and captured by the other party but must be turned over within one year of the seizure. Any raiders or gang members captured in the territory will be tried under the laws of the nation which has claims to the area.

Leighton and the territory it claims shall be left as an independent nation between Reading and Susquehanna. Each government shall respect the wishes of those individuals, as well as provide aid and support to that government.


  1. Reading shall have recognized claims over all of Bucks County, Chester County, Dauphin County, Delaware County, Lancaster County, Lebanon County, Lehigh County, and Philadelphia County. It shall have recognized claims over Carbon County from south of 40° 52' North, Monroe County from south of 40° 59' North, and Schuylkill County from south of 40° 47' North and west of 76° 15' West.
  2. Susquehanna shall have recognized claims over all of Bradford County, Lackawanna County, Luzerne County, Pike County, Sullivan County, Susquehanna County, Wayne County, and Wyoming County. It shall have recognized claims over Carbon County from north of 40° 52' North, Monroe County from north of 40° 59' North, and Schuylkill County from north of 40°47' North and east of 76° 15' West.
  3. Leighton shall remain an independent state under the supervision of Reading and Susquehanna. Susquehanna shall provide food supplies, arms, and police training, and Reading shall provide electrical services, military defense, arms, and water services.

Article 3

Section A

The Commonwealth of Susquehanna and Reading shall open the borders to the citizens of the other nation. Passport requirements will be waived as will visas and residency cards.

Section B

Businesses shall be allowed to cross national borders without national interference unless entering into a field that is under government control or is restricted under national law.

Section C

Any laws violated by the citizens of both Susquehanna and Reading shall be tried according to the laws of that nation. Criminals fleeing to the other respective nation shall be extradited to the country of the offense.

Article 4

The Commonwealth of Susquehanna and Reading shall each be the other nation's protecting power in countries where the other respective country does not have representation, either due to the lack of resources or diplomatic ties.

Citizens of each nation may seek asylum, passports, and other official documents under the name of that power.

Until Reading shall so choose to, the Commonwealth of Susquehanna shall represent its interests in the United Communities, and Susquehanna's ambassador shall act on Reading's behalf at the government's request.


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