Treaty of Podgorica
The Podgorica Peace Treaty between the Roman Empire and the united front of Croatia and Serbia
Border changes after the war
Type of treaty Peace treaty
Drafted 29 November 1754
15 April 1755
Sealed 3 May 1755
Effective 1 July 1755
Expiration N/A
Signatories Archvoivode Pavao Bartol Bunić
(Roman leader)
Serbian leader
Parties Croatian Archvoivodeship, Roman Empire, Priština Voivodeship (Serbia)
Ratifiers N/A
Depositary Croatia
Languages Croatian, Greek, Latin

The Treaty of Podgorica is the treaty that ended the Roman-Serbian conflict and resulted in the independence of Serbia from the Roman Empire. 


  • Serbia and Montenegro, will be ceded as Croatian vassals, as per the map. Serbia will be known as the Priština Voivodeship (Prištinsko Vojvodstvo) and will consist of the following regions: Serbia (Srbija), Rascia (Raška) and Kosovo, each of which will be a županija. Montenegro will be known as the Budva Voivodeship (Budvansko Vojvodstvo) and will be divided into the following regions, also known as županija (plural: županije): Montenegro (Crna Gora), Boka Kotorska and Dioclea (Duklja)
  • The Priština Voivodeship will forever renounce any claim to southern Serbia, now western Bulgaria (OTL Macedonia).
  • The Roman Empire will forever renounce any claim to either Priština or Budva voivodeships, or the ruling titles thereof. 
  • Both sides will trade any and all prisoners that may have been captured during the war. 
  • The heir apparent to the Roman Empire will marry a Croatian princess in order to seal ties between the two states. 
  • A non-aggression pact between all sides of the war will be upheld for twenty years.



  • His Apostolic High Excellency, Archvoivode Pavao Bartol Bunić, Archvoivode of Croatia, Voivode of Poland, Voivode of Czechia, Voivode of Silesia, Defender of Dahomey, Watcher over Hercules' Pillars, Lord of Mare Nostrum, Servant of all Croats and God. SkyGreen24 20:50, January 22, 2015 (UTC)
  • Emperor Thomas IV Palaiologos, Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans. "This is not your grave but you are welcome in it." 21:10, January 22, 2015 (UTC)

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