The Treaty of Pisa was a treaty between the Republic of Florence and the Republic of Genoa as an end of hostilities and official peace between them for the Hungaro-Veneto War. This war was originially a conflict between the Republic of Venice and the Kingdom of Hungary, which eventually escalated and resulted in the occupation of the island of Corisca.


The Treaty of Pisa contains the following terms:

  1. The Republic of Genoa will cede the island of Corsica, and the small surrounding islands of Cavallo, Iles Lavezzi, Porto, and all miniture islands within twenty miles to the Republic of Florence.
  2. The Republic of Florence compensates the Republic of Genoa with a payment of ten thousand gold florins.
  3. The Republic of Florence will withdraw all forces from Genoan territories, except the island of Corsica.
  4. The Republic of Florence and Republic of Genoa will honor a twenty-five year truce that disallows the nations from placing unfair embargos or impressment on one another.


Lorenzo de' Medici II, Lord and Gonfaloniere of Justice of the Republic of Florence, and legitimate Duke of Urbino:

Flippedlion NicDonalds, Beginning Editor Talk Lionsymbol 00:03, February 22, 2016 (UTC)

Antoniotto II Adorno, Doge of the Most Serene Republic of Genoa, . -KawaiiKame

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