The Treaty of Philadelphia was the treaty that ended the Confederate War for Independence between the United States of America on one side and the Confederate States of America on the other. The treaty was monitored by diplomats from the United Kingdom and France. The treaty was signed and finalized by the two nations on August 13th, 1863.


  • The United States will recongize the independence of the Confederate States of America.
  • The United States will hand over all federal property within the seceding states to the respective state governments.
  • The United States will relenquish control of the Territory of Arizona and the Indian Territory to the Confederate States.
  • A referderum will be held in the state or regions of Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, and southern Missouri to determine whether the population would want to join the Confederate States or remain in the Union.
  • The capital of the United States will be moved to Boston, as part of the demilitarization of the border between the United States and the Confederate States.

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