The Treaty of Patagonia was called for by the Britannic government of Patagonia, in order to end the Andean Invasion of Britannic Patagonia before a protracted war broke out between the two nations. This marks the first treaty formed by the Regency-Republic of Britannia


  • The Hesperian Coaliton will allow the British to peacefully withdraw their soldiers, weapons, navies, equipment, supplies, provisions, banners, soldiers families, and other Britannic citizens that wish to peacefully withdraw from their former province of Patagonia.
  • The Regency-Republic of Britannia will peacefully cede the entirety of Britannic Patagonia to the Confederation of Osea.
  • An extensive, undetermined period of peace will exist between The Kingdom of Andea, the Confederation of Osea and the recently formed Regency-Republic of Britannia in order to foster more friendly relations.
  • Free travel of Britannic citizens with property in Patagonia that wish to keep it will be allowed, in order to prevent any unnecessary incidents.
  • Friendly trade relations will be established between The Kingdom of Andea, The Confederation of Osea and the newly formed Regency-Republic of Britannia.
  • Finally, Britannic naval ships shall be allowed to moor in Andean/Osean harbors in Hesperia, and Andean naval ships shall be allowed to moor in Britannic harbors in Borealia, all unmolested with nothing but non-belligerent intent.
  • Map to come

Signatory Powers

  • The Kingdom of Andean and Confederation of Osea: #PraiseRoosevelt. 19:14, May 26, 2015 (UTC)
  • The Regency-Republic of Britannia - Prime Minister Oswold Chaddock and Governor of Patagonia Richard Waldwin- ~~~

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