Treaty of Paris
Type of treaty Peace treaty
Drafted 1804-6
Paris, France
Effective 1806
Signatories France, Austria, Bavaria, Naples, Sweden, Portugal, and Sicily
Languages French, German, Italian, and Swedish

The Treaty of Paris, also called the Congress of Paris, was a two year gathering that decided on the final terms of surrender of France in the War of the Third Coalition, signed and put into effect in 1807. The treaty was signed by the main belligerents of the war, Austria, France, Bavaria, Naples, Sweden, Portugal, and Sicily.


Article I: General Terms

  • All conflicts between France and the nations of the Third Coalition will cease.
  • All French forces in Germany, Papal States, Italian Republic, and Naples will withdraw.

Article II: Political Changes

  • The Italian Republic and the Netherlands are to be given independence.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte will relinquish his Imperial Title and will be peacefully sent into exile to the island of Gotland in Sweden, and France shall be re-established as a constitutional monarchy with a prime minister being elected.

Article III: Reparations

  • France will pay a total of one million francs in reparations to Bavaria and Naples each (the most damaged nations of the war).

Article IV: Territorial Changes

  • France proper will remain as it was before the war.
  • The Holy Roman Empire will be dissolved and replaced with a German Confederation.
  • Portugal will gain France's territory in South America.
  • Naples will gain the Papal States as a protectorate/satellite state.


Flag of Austria
Austria (Alexander 23:51, May 21, 2015 (UTC))

Electoral Standard of Bavaria (1623-1806)
Bavaria (redbaran45)

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Sweden (Sithlent (talk) 22:47, May 22, 2015 (UTC))

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