The Treaty of Paris marked the end of the Second World War between the Axis and France & Britain. Fighting in Russia would continue for some time afterwards.



  • France will give the Alsace-Lorraine region to Germany
  • It will be allowed partial control of the rest of the country and empire
  • The state will be modelled on Vichy France
  • It will pay reparations to the Axis
  • It will have a very small armed force


  • Britain will give up the areas currently held by the Axis in Africa
  • It will be allowed to make its own decisions on issues such as Indian independance
  • It will be given 20 years to move towards a more Nazi - style form of state
  • During that time, and if necessary afterwards, Germany will play a role in some aspects of governance
  • It will pay reparations to the Axis
  • Its armed forces, especially navy, will be cut

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