The Treaty of Pandua is a treaty created to counter the influence and belligerance of Timur, the Timurid Empire, and its descendents. 


  • The free Indian States (Gondwana, Gwalior, Bastar, Vijaynagar, Khandesh, Malwa, Merwar, Marwar, Kathiawar, Gujarat, Dhundhar, Jaisalmer, Venad, Kozhikode, Jaffna, Raigama) agree to ally with each other.
  • They agree to base the alliance upon stopping foreign influence and belligerence, such as that of the Timurids, its descendents, and its Persians, from gaining a foothold in India.
  • They agree to go to war to either defend against and/or directly remove foreign influence/footholds from the common land of India.


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