The Treaty of Paderborn is a proposed document ending the rebellion against the Grand Duchy of Hesse.


  • The Electorate of Koln will forever be free of Hessian influence, and the Archbishop-Electors of Koln shall not be required to uphold any oaths of fealty thus far granted to Grand Duchy of Hesse.
  • The region of Westfalen shall be returned to Koln, as a part of its sovereign territory.
  • The Duchy of Berg and the Prince-Bishopric of Munster shall be free of all Hessian influence and shall be made independent.
  • Paderborn and Cleves-Mark shall be regarded as vassals of the Archbishop of Koln.
  • All belligerents shall agree to a non aggression pact until the year 1500, and anti-Hessian forces shall respect Hessian sovereignty, provided that no involved states are influenced or vassalized by Hesse during this time.
  • The Grand Duchy of Hesse shall pay for reparations to the defending nations, and shall pay to repair damages caused to the Ruhr area or to Wettin possessions. 



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