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The Treaty of Oyo-Ile was a document signed by delegates of the European nations of the Empire of Hispania, including Spain and Austria, The Empire of Britannia, and the Netherlands, with the nation of Oyo. The treaty officially ended the Invasion of Oyo, which lasted from 1539 to 1540.


Oyo War Claims 1
  • The islands of São Tomé and Príncipe will be ceded by Oyo to the Netherlands.
  • A section of Benin and eastern Oyo shall be ceded to the Empire of Hispania, being split between Spain and Austria.
  • The Entirety of all Oyo settlements in Gabon near the Kongo will be removed and destroyed and the Kongo Basin will be recognized as a Hispanian Imperial territory (As well as directly controlled territory of the Kingdom of the Kongo.)
  • Remaining territory in Oyo Proper shall be annexed by the Netherlands. 
  • Oyo shall release the formally occupied state of Songhai, which shall be governed by its local governments. 
  • The lands of the Oyo closest to Edmundburg as per the map shall be ceded to The Empire of Britannia.

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