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The Treaty of Odessa was a document that officially ended the Karelian War.


  • The nations of the United Norse Crown shall relinquish all claims over the cities and and territorial possessions of Lubeck, Holstein, and Bremen, and the United Norse Crown and/or its successor(s) shall make no attempts to expand into the lands of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • The state of Lubeck shall be annexed by the Duchy of Hamburg.
  • The states of Bremen and Holstein shall swear fealty to the Duchy of Hamburg for its protection, and shall be recognized as a vassal of the Duchy of Hamburg.
  • The nations of the United Norse Crown; Denmark, Norway, Sweden, shall be recognized as one nation joined under the union of the Swedish king.
  • The Novgorod Republic shall annex a portion of Scandinavian Finland (to be determined, probably minimal).
  • The United Norse Crown shall cease any efforts to colonize the Kola Peninsula, Finland, or Karelia.
  • The nation of Great Perm shall be liberated from the Golden Horde and established as a vassal of the Grand Duchy of Moscow.
  • The regions of North Germany shall be occupied jointly by the nations of Hamburg and Hesse to facilitate reconstruction.
  • The ports and facilities of Bremen shall be open for use by Austria, Hesse, and other states of the Holy Roman Empire allowed by the emperor.
  • The island of Gotland and the city Visby shall be ceded to the nation of Prussia.
  • The city of Tönning shall be established as a port of the nation of Hesse. 
  • The Cities of Turku  and Porvoo and their surroundings shall become a free trade cities under the stewardship of Pskov.