The Treaty of New Rotham is a treaty between the United Kingdoms of Greater Albion and the Natigosteg L'nu which guarantees Natigosteg protection from other European powers, help with disease, and some developmental assistance, in return for manpower, valuable goods, military assistance and other benefits.


Article 1

On Trade

  1. The Natigosteg L'nu shall trade preferentially with Albion, Scotland, Brittany, Eire, Dublin or any other state that is part of the UKGA.
  2. The L'nu shall seek the approval of the UKGA, or its duly appointed representative, prior to starting trade with a hostile foreign power toward the UKGA; it shall also seek approval before starting trade with an ally, but shall not necessarily obey said approval. 
  3. The UKGA shall have the right to set up trading posts in Natigosteg (the island). Ships of the UKGA shall also have free access to all L'nu ports.

Article 2

On Military

  1. Half of the armed forces of the L'nu will be at the disposal of the UKGA in any offensive or defensive wars at any given time. 
  2. If the L'nu are attacked by a foreign power, or their territorial integrity is infringed upon by a foreign power, the UKGA shall provide them with military and diplomatic help to maintain their territorial integrity and independence.

Article 3

On Amendments

  1. In order to alter the wording of the text of this Treaty, both parties must agree to the proposed changes and then the changes shall be enacted on the First Day of the Year directly following the ratification of the changes.
  2. In order to add a new section [bullet point] to an existing Article, both parties must agree to the content of the proposed section and then the ratified changes shall go into effect the First Day of the Year directly following the renewal of the Treaty.
  3. In order to add a new Article to this Treaty, both parties must agree to the exact text and then must sign off on the proposed Article, in which case the changes will be enacted on the First Day of the second Year directly following the changes.
  4. This Treaty shall remain in full force and effect until nullification is declared by either party and recognized by the other party.

Article 4

On Resources and Territory

  1. The L'nu will provide the UKGA with 5% of its yearly fur production and 4% of its yearly production of walrus ivory. 
  2. The UKGA will give the L'nu full access to domesticated animals and plants from Europe; the L'nu will do the same with Borealian plants and animals. 

Article 4

On Religion

1. The UKGA may send missionaries to the Natigosteg L'nu. Only missionaries from the UKGA will be accepted.


Eire will agree to this if you give the UKGA 4% of your yearly fur production and 6% of your walrus ivory production. Bfoxius (talk

I'll accept 5% of the fur and 4% of the ivory. Krasnoyarsk (talk) 23:05, May 13, 2014 (UTC)

All right. Bfoxius (talk)


This Treaty shall go into effect immediately following the Signatures (and Ratification, if need be) by the Head of State, or his Lawfully appointed Representative, of both Signatory Nations.

  • Gespeg, Chief of the Natigosteg L'nu
  • King James I of York, King of Albion and Protector of the Realm Most August
  • King Tomas II of Eire

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