The Treaty of New Oxford was signed to formalize the end of the Third Arcadian War and the end of the rebellion of the Arcadian remnant states.


  • The Arcadian remnant state will renounce any connection with Arcadia or any unification, instead being split into the Republics of New Cambridgeshire and New Oxford.
  • The islands of Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island will be annexed by Algonquia. A further portion of land, to be determined by the government of Algonquia, will be occupied, to ensure obedience to this treaty, for the next twenty years, after which a plebiscite will be held to determine its future.
  • The navies and all military equipment of these republics will be surrendered to Algonquia.
  • Both of these new states will consult the governments of Algonquia and Reme before signing alliances or starting wars with any foreign countries.
  • Both will maintain militaries of 7,000, and no larger, with a navy of ten ships maximum. All weapons and equipment will be purchased from Algonquia at full price.
  • Both republics shall pay for the relocation of the Arcadian population in the annexed territories.
  • Both shall sign permanent alliances with the Algonquian and Reman governments, subject to the revision of those governments.
  • Both shall accept Algonquian and Reman garrisons in their major cities, which shall have full control over the treasuries of both countries.
  • The native populations of these republics will be given full self-government and their natural rights shall not be infringed.
  • Both republics will aid Algonquia and/or Reme in the event of a war.
  • Algonquia may place the republics under the protection of a foreign country (e.g. Reme) at its discretion, after which this treaty will be null and void.


  • Algonquia: Shikata ga nai! 18:08, May 18, 2015 (UTC)
  • Arcadian remnant states: (MOD) SkyGreen24 18:11, May 18, 2015 (UTC)

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