The treaty of Nemaska is a document signed to resolve the First War of the Adelheid Sea (1612-1615), between the Eastern Cree and the Nehilaw Sachemate.  It was signed in Nemaska on January 21st, 1615, following the end of the war.


Concerning Territory 

  • The southern portion of the Eastern Cree lands, roughly all south of the Chisasibi River, shall be placed under the protection of the Nehilaw Sachemate as the Chiefdom of Nemaska.  
  • It shall have a representation of two sachems in the Nehilaw Council of Sachems.
  • The Eastern Cree will furthermore cede the deltas of the Nemiscau and Chisasibi Rivers to the Nehilaw as exclaves of that nation.
  • The Eastern Cree shall henceforth and in perpetuity renounce all claim to these lands.  

    Nehilaw demands in strawberry.

Concerning Influence 

  • The lands of the Moose Cree will be recognized as a zone of Nehilaw influence in perpetuity, and the Eastern Cree will at no point infringe on the Nehilaw right to exclusive influence and/or control over these territories.  
  • All diplomatic relations with European nations will be carried out through the Nehilaw, in order that the Nehilaw may continue to preserve the position of the Cree people in the Adelheid Sea region.   


  • Note: 
    Flag of Koryakia
    This document is time sensitive. Any nations not showing evidence of opposition to the treaty by 1615 will be considered pleased with the document and shall be considered to have signed it.
  • High Sachem of the Nehilaw, Defender of the Adelhied Sea, Marshal of the Nehilaw Army, Mistahi - Shikata ga nai! 19:57, September 3, 2014 (UTC)
  • Chief of the Eastern Cree - [Default acceptance]

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