As French and Netherlander colonial expansion in the New World continues and economic opportunities arise The West Indies Company under the authorization of King Willem I of the Netherlands approaches the King of France to discuss terms for an agreement on the New World and the business opportunities that these new lands present for both empires. Another Interest is the growing tensions on the continent in the Rhineland and the growth the German states.

Netherlands Proposal: 

The Netherlands propose the following outlines:

  1. The Netherlands will cede the lands west of the Orinoco River to France in exchange for the Curacao Islands north of their present settlement.
  2. The Orinoco River will be considered the border both colonies with the several openings being open to either Empire along with the inland part being travelable by both parties.
  3. The Netherlands will cede all rights to the island of OTL Jamaica to the French. 
  4. The French will grants majority rights to Netherlander traders in the distribution of spices, slaves, and exquisite goods produced outside of France from Europe or the Orient to the French New World, and favorable purchase conditions of locally produced goods. 
  5. The Hague and Paris will protect one another in the case of a war of aggression by the German States.
  6. A royal engagement be secured between Christoffel, Prince of Holland and a French Princess between the ages of 10 and 17 who will marry Christoffel upon  their 15th birthday in the case of a minor (Christoffel is currently 16).
  7. The Netherlands will grant French the right to create stocks in Amsterdam.

Counter proposals and discussions


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