Treaty of Mutual Trade and Cooperation
14 March 2015
Effective 16 March 2015
Expiration N/A
Signatories Gennaday Zyuganov
Aleskander Lukhashenka
Alexander Zakharchenko
Parties Flag of the Russian SFSR Russia
Flag of Byelorussian SSR Belarus
Flag of Ukrainian SSR Ukraine
Language Russian
Languages English, Ukrainian, Byelorussian
The Treaty of Mutual Trade and Cooperation is the name of a treaty that was signed on March 14, 2015 that helped form a sphere of trade between Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Some see it as an attempt to revive the Soviet Union, while others see it as a treaty to help form the sphere of influence of Communism in Europe. It led to the formation of an expanded Union State, and the formalization of relations between Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. 
Trade Zone Treaty

Signatories and Areas That Observe The Treaty of Mutual Trade and Cooperation

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