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Treaty of Munich (Hitler is an American---Version 1)

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This treaty was signed after the nuclear annihilation of Berlin. It avoided Reparations and War Guilt clauses (the Allies learning their lesson from Versailles and being in no position to invade mainland Europe) but the treaty's main areas are as follows:


  • To cede her Far east territories (except India and Pakistan) to Japan.
  • To cede her territories in the Americas to the United States.
  • To Cede Iraq and her Middle East territories(except Egypt) to Iran.


  • To give back Northern France.
  • is allowed to retain her conquered territories.


  • To cede her Far east colonies to Japan


  • To cede her pacific territories to Japan (it fell under the Vichy regime)
  • To Cede Guyana to the United States


  • Is designated a neutral nation; all nations must disband bases and remove occupying troops.
  • To receive Greenland as a colony.

This treaty was criticized for being harsh, but many said it "was naught but a telling off" compared to the Treaty of Austin which was forced upon mexico.

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