The Treaty of Munich, called by the French government as Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Military Cooperation between the Empires of Austria and France, is a proposal by the government of Napoleon III. The treaty should last for ten years, being renewable until considered useful by the nations involved. The location of Munich was chosen for being a neutral ground and on the way between Paris and Vienna.

French Proposal

Article I - Regarding Territories of France and Austria

  • France will recognize the recent expansion of the Austrian Colonial Empire, as in Asia, America and Europe; and support its expansion if not in conflict with interests of France.
  • Austria will recognize the French Colonial Empire, as in America, Africa and Asia; and support its expansion if not in conflict with interests of Austria.
  • At the end of this treaty may be attached a list of territorial ambitions as for the date of the signature, for further reference of "conflict with interest" for both nations.

Article II - Regarding the Mexican Empire

  • France and Austria will divide protection over Mexico, since the coronation of Maximilian I as Emperor.
  • France will keep in place 30,000 men, already there, as temporary auxiliary forces of Mexico with stabilization effort.
  • Austria is asked to contribute, as possible, with other temporary auxiliary forces of Mexico.
  • At the earliest convenience, there will be the marriage of a French family member with the future heir of the Empire to ensure the continuity of the protection by France and Austria.
  • The Temporary Auxiliary Forces will remain in Mexico as required by Maximilian I, or the Emperors after him, or as possible by France and Austria. If none of the parts are against the withdrawal, it will remain until the end of this treaty.
  • The Mexican Empire will authorize the establishment of a French and Austrian quarter in the city of Veracruz, for better administration of the military missions to Mexico, which shall be regarded as part of the empires that administer them. Their existence is assured until the protection of Mexico remains, but may continue should the Mexican government so wish.

Article III - Regarding the Military Cooperation

  • For making more effective the protection of Mexico, both parties agree to mixed military exercises in Mexico, with French, Mexican and Austrian soldiers, as to train the three nation armies for effective responses.
  • Military experts may also be exchanged between the nations.

Article IV - Regarding Mutual Defense

  • Both parties agree to a mutual defense agreement, that in the event of an foreign assault in any of the nation territories, the other will support military the war.
  • In the event of an assault by the signers of the treaty, this article does not force the entry on the war by the other.

Article V - Regarding Economical Cooperation

  • No type of trade is forbidden between the empires, and all product, if legal on both empires, may be sold and purchased along all territories held.
  • Should one of the nations decide to apply a trade tariff, or increase one, the other may also increase in the same value the tariff over another, or the same, product; or apply smaller increased in more than one product.
  • The nations may impose a quota of products allowed to entry per year, however the other also receive that right over the same, or other, products.
  • The nations should priorize the demands of the signers of this treaty, should it not conflict with its own internal demand.
  • Both Austria and France shall have supply of cheap silver and other metals, coming from Mexico, for upkeep of the Temporary Auxiliary forces. 


  • Austria asks for some economic benefits like the ones France has, (supply of cheap silver and other metals) if we agree to deploy forces in Mexico, for upkeep of said forces. Triumph is at hand (talk)
  • Since it will be a shared protection, France agrees to Austrian terms. V.M.PersonalCoA Victor Molinaro(talk) V.M.PersonalCoA2


  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, Émile Ollivier, in the name of the Emperor Napoleon III: V.M.PersonalCoA Victor Molinaro(talk) V.M.PersonalCoA2 21:17, April 16, 2016 (UTC)
  • Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria: Triumph is at hand

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