The Treaty of Multan is a treaty initiated by the new Regent-King of Bengal, in order to secure/re-establish several alliances for his nephew's eventual reign, in the case that something very bad was to happen.


  • The nations of Dhundar, Mewar, Gujarat, Kaithawar, Multan, Ladakh, Kangra, Sind, and Jaisalmer will, upon individual agreement on this treaty, will ally themselves specifically with Bengal, in the understanding that the reason for specific alliances is because the Indian League does not guarantee full protection through alliances, only that it encourages it.
  • The alliance will be specifically created for offensive and defensive wars, as a show of solidarity for some Indian states to be automatically considered in wars upon the side of alliance members.
  • The nations that agree to this alliance will be automatically considered for all wars with a fellow alliance member, and is to be put at a higher preference than other alliances.
  • This treaty is binding to all states, unless the nation that agreed to this treaty suddenly does not continue to exist. 

Agreeing Powers

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