The Treaty of Michigan was the treaty to end the War of the Kankakee between the Twightee and the League of Gichigamee. The treaty resolved many preexisting issues over trade and territory. 


  • The Twightee shall cede the Kankakee delta to the League in perpetuity, for the maitenance of free trade. This shall be divided between the League's members as the chiefdoms of Piankeshaw, Oumami, and Kilatika, which shall be controlled by the Nehilaw, Aashinabeg and Potawatomi respectively.

    The cessions to the Nehilaw in olive, to the others in green.

  • The Twightee shall join the League of Gichigamee as a non-voting member.
  • The League shall extend all other benefits of membership to the Twightee, who shall be bound by all commensurate obligations. 
  • The Twightee shall give all League members free passage along those portions of the Kankakee and the Cahokie River that pass through its territory. 
  • The Twightee shall give all League members free trade. 


League of Gichigamee - Shikata ga nai! 19:45, September 26, 2014 (UTC)

Twightee - Mod sig/time sensitivity. 

  • This document is time sensitive. Any nations not showing evidence of opposition to the treaty by 1638 will be considered pleased with the document and shall be considered as a signature.

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