• Cuba has given complete and unconditional surrender to the United Republics
  • Cuba recognizes they were attacked because of their assistance to Switzerland and concurring no response to the United Republics for a separate Peace Deal. 


  • Cuba will be occupied by the United Republics.
  • Cuba will be adminstered by Florida Sur until a new government is set up
  • Cuba will have a new government put in place by the United Republics in the next three years. This government will be a republic and will represent the people as such, as opposed to the dictatorship Cuba was under before. 
  • United Republics will pay for damages to Havana, and may offer aid in rebuilding.
  • United Republics will assist the Cuban people
  • United Republics will investigate the current Cuban Desperiato Catholicisim.
  • Cuba will be UR influenced and will currently maintain the occupied status under the United Republics. In the future, the United Republics and the Cuban people will decide Cuba's fate and status. 


United Republics G greg e (talk) 01:49, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

Cuba: Warman555

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