Here is the Treaty of Miami that ended the UR-Floridan War.

Article 1

The Floridan government will temporarily stop the usage of the Zombie virus on the states of Texas and America.

Article 2

The UR will withdraw its military from the state of Florida if the acts on Article 1 are followed.

UR Negotiations

Florida refers to the Republic of Florida

South Florida, Sur Florida, or Florida Sur refer to the Liberated Republic del Florida Sur.

  • Republic of Florida will not keep a military or paramilitary combined force of over 750,000 including reserves.
  • Republic of Florida will cede the devastated by Zombie of region Greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale as defined by the United Republics to the new Liberated Republic del Florida Sur. Map Coming
  • Florida's government will be completely transparent and at any time be allowed to be investigated by the Republic of Texas or United Republics.
  • Florida will be considered a vassal of the Republic of Texas, and will be under Texan influence. Subject to further influence as Texas develops a presence there. 
  • Florida will be still be considered a rogue state, and under the smallest of leashes when it comes to any terrorist/anti-humanity research program/or unjustly sized military force
  • Florida will be re-instated to the ISAF
  • Florida will not suppress anti-resurrectionists.
  • Florida will create a new flag
  • Florida will not have any research concerining Zombies, the Zombie virus, or a cure related research for the next five years. 
  • The Liberated Republic del Florida Sur will take all military/air/and naval machines that Florida currently has in South Florida.
  • Florida Sur will inherit all of Florida's formerly proud history, including but not limited to sporting titles, flags, symbols, etc.
  • Florida Sur will join the League of Latin America. 
  • Florida, Florida Sur, Texas, and the United Republics will sign a non-aggression pact. Pact may be broken if Florida violates any terms in the treaty. 

These terms are subject to further change by the United Republics and should only be edited by G greg e (talk

These are the terms for the UR to stop its current crusaide against 

Florida Negotiations

Florida refuses to comply with seven out of the other terms including the return the ISAF and the repression of the anti-rezurrectionists stating that the government will not allow an anti-rezurrectionist insurgency on Florida or an independent nation on Florida Sur as they will not tolerate UR interference in North America or past South America but it will comply with the other terms.

UR response

We are willing to eliminate the return to the ISAF. However, South Florida is already a massive hispanic region and already has ties to the United Republics through culture and history, this is not avoidable. We are sad that a once proud ally is going down this road. Due to your inability to allow anti-res communites back into your nation and give them equal standing, we will invite them into Florida Sur, and continue our invasion of Florida unless Florida is willing to commence with our terms minus the ISAF. 

Texas response

No, we cannot compromise with these. If they will not surrender, we will continue the fight until they do. They are TERRORISTS and we do not compromise with terrorists. We will take down the Rezurrectionist scum.

Floridian Republic's Response

The new government and president of the United Floridian Republic agree to most of these terms. We will not agree the second to last one, the sixth one, and the fifth to last one. But to all but but those three, We fully accept your terms.

Sunshineiseast (talk) 20:45, July 14, 2013 (UTC)Sunshineiseast

President of the United Floridian Republic

(Posting for Greg) The UR and Texas can agree to no ISAF or new flag, but what happens with Florida Sur is out of your control. We will remove those two. Can you agree with this? Doctor Evulz (talk) 20:59, July 14, 2013 (UTC)

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