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Treaty of Mecca (The Ashes of Rome Map Game)

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The Treaty of Mecca is a treaty proposed by the Caliphate to end the Northern Arabian War of independence.

The Treaty

  1. Northern Arabia and the Caliphate has a Non aggressive pact for 50 years.
  2. Northern Arabia and Caliphate shares the same borders.
  3. Mecca will remain in control of the Caliphate.
  4. Northern Arabia and the Caliphate are allies.
  5. Northern Arabia may join the Zanzibar trade pact.
  6. Northern Arabia must be recognised as independent by the Caliphate.
  7. Northern Arabia and the Calipahet signs an alliance.
  8. The Caliphate must help Northern Arabia in any future war.


Caliphate: AH28

Northern Arabia: Mod response:


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