Nations Invited

  • France
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Serbia
  • Netherlands
  • Romania
  • Denmark
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Ireland
  • Nejd
  • Jabal Shammar
  • Persia
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Canada

French Proposal

Article I - General Terms

All conflicts between the allied powers and the British and Austro-Hungarian Empires will cease.

  • The British Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire are responsible for all of the damage done worldwide.
  • All signatories will support Brazil in its war with Chile

Article II - British Europe

  • The British Isles will be divided into four independent nations: England (includes the Isle of Wight and Isle of Man), Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. (Ireland includes OTL Ireland and Northern Ireland).
  • Any English invasion of Ireland, Wales, or Scotland will require intervention from the Allies.
  • Guernsey and Jersey will be ceded to France.
  • Gibraltar will be ceded to Spain.
  • Spain must guarantee free passage in the Strait of Gibraltar to all allies.
  • The British Royal family will be returned to London.

Article III - British Asia, Oceania, and Americas

  • Australia will gain independence. OTL Pakistan and Bengal will also be granted independence. Pakistan will have OTL borders, and Bengal will include Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, Assam, and Megalaya.
  • Malaya and OTL Southern Burma will go to Thailand.
  • OTL Northern Burma excluding Kachin and Sagaing will go to Spain
  • Kachin and Sagaing will go to Italy
  • India will be granted independence as the countries of Dravidia (southern India), Rajasthan (Western India), Hyderabad (Central Eastern Coast), Kashmir (Kashmir, Himachal, and Jammu), India (Northern India), and Madhya (Central West Coast). 
  • All European ports in China will be removed and replaced with ports in India.
  • China will gain control of Hong Kong.
  • Ceylon will become a French colony.
  • Singapore will become an independent Republic
  • Japan will get New Zealand, British New Guinea, Fiji, and any other British concessions in Oceania
  • Germany will transfer its ports in China to the ROC (Germany approved this BTW).
  • British Guiana will be transferred to Brazil.
  • Bermuda and Montserrat will be transferred to France.
  • All other British land in the Caribbean will be transferred to Spain.

Article IV - British Africa

  • Italy will gain control of British Somaliland, all of Libya, Egypt, and Sudan.
  • Italy must allow  passage in the Suez Canal to all of the Allies, with minimal tariffs. The Allies may also vote on banning specific countries from passage (See Article X)
  • Spain will gain control of Kenya, Uganda, Guinea-Bissau, and Sierra Leone.
  • Germany will gain control of Zanzibar
  • Russia will gain control of Ghana
  • France will gain control of South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi, Northern and Southern Rhodesia, Nigeria, and Bechuanaland (Botswana).
  • All other African colonies will remain in the same hands as they were before the war.
  • Liberia and Ethiopia retain independence.

Article V - British Middle East

  • Jabal Shammar and Nejd gain control of Oman, Yemen, and the Trucial States.
  • The Ottoman Empire will gain control of Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain
  • France will gain control of the Island of Socotra

Article VI - Austro-Hungarian Concessions

  • Hungary will gain independence, but will be stripped of Croatia-Slavonia and Transylvania (OTL borders).
  • Serbia will receive territories in Croatia-Slavonia centred around the county of Timis (OTL borders).
  • Romania will have its independence confirmed and receive Transylvania (OTL borders without Timis).
  • Croatia and the southern two-thirds of Carniola will receive independence as the Republic of Croatia.
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina will receive independence as the Republic of Bosnia.
  • Germany will receive Galicia, Austria proper, the Tyrol, Bohemia and the northern third of Carniola, including Trieste.
  • Galicia and Bohemia will become Duchies subject to the German Empire, but with wide autonomy and self-rule.
  • Bosnia, Hungary, Croatia, Galicia, Bohemia, Romania and Germany will form the Visegrad Pact, agreeing to free trade and mutual cooperation (military, if necessary) against threats to the stability of Central Europe.

Article VII - Repatarations

  • 10% of the money in the British Treasury will be given as reparations to France. Another 5% to Spain, 5% to Italy, 1% to Russia, 1% to Canada, 10% to China and 5% to India for British oppression there.
  • All other money in the British Treasury will be split evenly among Wales, England, Ireland, and Scotland
  • In the Austro-Hungarian Treasury, 25% will go to Germany, 30% to Hungary, 15% to Serbia, 20% to Romania, 5% to Croatia, and 5% to Bosnia

Article VIII - British Military

  • All members of the British military personnel may return to their homeland, including prisoners of war after a maximum of 5 years of detention.
  • British military equipment, including weapons, ships, and ammunition shall be distributed among the newly independent countries formerly of the British Empire (India, Australia, Canada, Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland) proportionally to population

Article IX - Austro-Hungarian Military

  • All members of the Austro-Hungarian military personnel may return to their homeland, including prisoners of war after a maximum of 5 years of detention.
  • Austro-Hungarian military equipment, including weapons, ships, and ammunition shall be distributed evenly among Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, and Germany

Article X - Postwar

  • The Allies will hereby form a Global Cooperation (similar to OTL UN or LoN, name can change)
  • The Global Cooperation shall be an alliance system and an international government
  • Any attack on any member nation should result in action by all of the member nations
  • There should be three chambers: The House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Council.
  • The House of Representatives shall have delegates proportional to the population of member nations.
  • The Senate shall have one representative per nation.
  • The Council shall include one delegate from Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, France, China, Japan, and two more nations to be voted on by the permanent council members which rotate every two years (four turns)*
  • For any action to pass, two of the Council, House of Representatives, and Senate shall require a majority (ties are not a majority) of voting members.


Just state your country and sign if you want this to be the treaty.

  • France: President Andre Thibault
  • UK: Agent Fires(NOTE: i am going to switch nations, probably to one of the new Indian ones, but i might as well sign, so the game doesn't get backed up) (UK doesn't need to sign anyways, as they are currently occupied by the allies)
  • Nejd: Sultan Zamal Al-Sabhan
  • Italy:  -Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, diplomat of Italy. (KawaiiKame)
  • Denmark: Thorvald Stauning (President of Denmark)
  • Thailand: Monarch Vajiravudh -Seiga
  • China: Wellington Koo- Fallacyman (talk)
  • Germany: Chancellor Friedrich Ebert - Shikata ga nai! 23:57, June 16, 2015 (UTC)
  • Netherlands: Pieter Cort van der Linden
  • Japan: Erizium (talk) 09:53, June 17, 2015 (UTC)
  • Canada: Robert Borden
  • Persia: Ahmad Shah Qajar
  • Spain: King Alfonso XIII
  • Russia: Sergei Karuelov, Head of the Russian Delegation
  • Brazil: President Venceslau Brás -Eric4e


The nation of Italy disagrees to Article IV Section 2 of the Treaty of Marseille that requires Italy to allow free access to the Suez Canal for all the allies, for the Suez Canal is only valueable if one can charge fees for entering and exiting the Suez Canal, and considering that the Allies consist of the majority of the world's powers, the Suez Canal loses its value. We also do not feel comfortable enough with these terms for all the Allies, only France and Spain. We instead have a counter proposal of either minimal tariffs (5%-10%) with the Allied Nations for a maximum of 5 years and are willing to continue this proposal with France and Spain. Other than that, the nation of Italy supports the Treaty and agrees to the partition of the British colonies and we praise the creation of the Global Cooperation and we hope that the creation of it leads to a new era of peace and prosperity. -Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, diplomat of the Nation of Italy. (KawaiiKame) == France accepts Italy's offer, with 5% tariffs for all signees of this treaty, for unlimited years.

The nation of the Republic of China disagrees with Article III Section 3 and 4 that calls for a Chinese annexation of Indian lands and an independent state in South India. China, as the first republic in China, is a forerunner to the ideals of liberty and democracy; and thus, has set up democratic governments in India during the war. These states had been home ruled and had actively participated in International cooperation organizations, such as the East Asian Commonwealth. It would be tyrannical to force upon them the yoke of foreign oppression. We instead propose that all Indian territories beside Burma to be put under self determination under supervision of the Republic of China. Moreover, the states that had been established would not be dismantled and the self determination would only happen in the other regions of India. We also disagree about Article III Section 6, which dictates that Singapore would become a Russian colony. The Chinese people had had a long history in the region and is one of the dominant population, and it would be unwise for them to come upon the rule of a culture vastly different to theirs. Thus, China proposes the establishment of a Republic, the Republic of Singapore, in the region. -Wellington Koo, diplomat of the Republic of China.

Italy accepts the general terms of the renewed French proposal, however, we reserve the right to increase tariffs if the nation of Italy is in an economic recession or depression, the nation of Italy also reserves the right to blockade trade in the Suez canal with any nation she is at war at or is at war with her allies, as well as for nations that conduct human rights violations. -Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, diplomat of Italy.

The Republic of China feels great injustice as the harsh reparations that China has been put on by the United Kingdom is not removed in the treaty. The Republic hopes that the United Kingdom would inherit all debt of China and return all leased territories. -Wellington Koo, diplomat of the Republic of China.

The Ottoman Empire disagree with article V and VII of the treaty. We don't get enough land as we only get Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, that's tiny compared to the Nedj section. I demand half of the Emirates. In Article VII there is no mention of Ottoman Empire. They've been fighting us. My proposal is that I have 1% and the Nedj get 1% too. Mehmed V of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire.

France has now updated its proposal.

The Russian Empire protests against the independence of Australia and Canada, on the grounds that both still hold strong loyalties towards the British and may begin another war in an effort to restore the British Empire. In order to prevent this, Russia feels that these territories must be occupied by Entente forces. — Sergei Karuelov, Head of the Russian Delegation to the Peace Negotiations in Marseilles.

France would like to remind Russia that Canada and Australia would become part of the Global Cooperation, which is an alliance and a governing body. This means that if they invade an ally (Ireland is included), all other allies will need to help stop them. Also, if they try to reunify, the members of the Global Cooperation may vote to expel those countries from the Global cooperation and declare war. Russia would be among the countries with the most say due to their membership on the Council (and influence over two of the members) and their large population (so a lot of Representatives). Finally, you have not been here to say your issues, and we needed to act quickly.

The Russian government, under Regent Nikolai Golitsyn, wishes to request a revising of the punishment of the British states. We believe that our approach to reparations is crippling to the English economy and should be changed to allow a gradual, monitored rebuilding of Britain so that England can once again become a productive member of the world community. Of course, Russia agrees that England must be under constant supervision of the Global Cooperation, but we believe that reparations and/or the rate at which they must be paid should be reduced/lengthened. — Mr Karuelov

It's too late. The treaty is already in effect. If you want any say in the future, agree to this, and you can have input on the future. You missed the negotiations, and now it's the past. Move on, and look forward. -France

The Brazilian government declares on Treaty of Marseille that Brazil wants to annex British Guiana because its occupied by Brazil and is located in South America bordering south with Brazil. - President Venceslau Brás