The Treaty of Malmö was formed in order to end the Kalmar Civil War. During the Battle of Skane, Eric of Pomerania, King of Denmark and his forces barely defended Skane against the invasion of the Norwegian-Swedish rebellion. Eric, however, realized that he could not invade Norway and Sweden to crush the rebellions either, so he drafted The Treaty of Malmö.

Danish Terms

During the Treaty, their shall be no acts of aggression on all sides. 

Eric of Pomerania shall remain the King of the Kalmar Union and King of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

King Jonathan I  shall remain King of Norway.

King Kristjen Vasa shall remain King of Sweden

The Kalmar Union shall be reformed, all KU member states shall retain domestic autonomy and Norway and Sweden shall receive greater foreign autonomy in regards to trade and war, foreign policy shall no longer be dictated solely by Denmark.

Prior to making major decisions such as an offensive war, KU member states shall decide whether or not to participate in the war. Every Kalmar Union member-state must help each other in a defensive war, however.

All Kalmar Union states shall continue to trade with one another as before and trade shall resume

Eric of Pomerania shall choose the heir to the thrones of the Kalmar Union and Denmark, Johnathan I and Kristjen Vasa shall make their own succession laws for Norway and Sweden respectively.

Norway shall receive their crown colonies once again in return for Danish access to their ports.

Other terms are welcomed. 

Norwegian Proposal

The head of the KU will be moved across the three kings. The order shall be decided like this: Denmark -> Sweden -> Norway and back to Denmark. The movement of the crown will happen when the current king dies.

Danish Counter-Proposal

Instead of a guaranteed succession for the Kalmar crown there shall be an election for it by all three member states when the KU ruler dies, the previous head nation shall be the final decider in the election in the event of a tie between the two other member states. Example: When Eric of Pomerania dies, his heir, Princess Emma of Denmark, shall decide between the Norwegian nominee and the Swedish nominee, ad infinitum. 


Kristjen Vasa, King of Sweden ~ AM.

Jonathan Gyldenløve, King of Norway ~Belial

Eric of Pomerania, King of Denmark -KK