Treaty of the Kor'na Yasse
The Treaty of Madrid brought an official end to the Great War. After an explosion of anti-war protests and riots throughout major cities in the British isles, the British parliament was forced to seek out a peace with the Grand Triumvirate (USA, Russia, and Prussia) to restore order. For the past months building up to the treaty Britain and its allies (CSA and Ottoman Empire) were being pounded on several fronts.

The British soon sent telegrams to all members of the Grand Triumvirate asking for an armistice and eventual peace treaty. Two days after being sent the British Foreign ministry received a reply from the US that it and its allies were more than willing to discuss peace as long was the British could promise to have its remaining allies agree to a peace treaty.

For the CSA there was no need for British to force them to the negotiating table. In the year leading up to this the Confederacy had been suffering a string of devastating losses. The remains of the Army of Northern Virginia, under James Longstreet, had surrendered at Richmond, which also led to the fall of the Confederate capital Richmond. Then the second capital Danville, Virginia had been captured along with President Jefferson Davis. So by the time acting-President Alexander Stephens received the demand of a surrender from the British he had little choice but to go along with it.

The Ottomans too were being overwhelmed by the Russian forces. Despite inflicting many casualties upon the Russians, almost all of Turkey had been over run and other provinces of the Ottoman Empire were in full-scale rebellion. However for the first two months after receiving the demand of the British to surrender, the Ottomans remained resilient with the Sultan declaring "Neither this government, its armies, or people will submit to the Russian hordes". A week after stating this the Ottomans telegrammed the British that they would agree to a peace treaty

The location for the talks would be set in Madrid in Spain.

Treaty Terms


Territorial Conditions

-The unconditional surrender of the Confederate States government

-The provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will be seceded to the United States

-The territories of Moldovia and Wallachia will be seceded to the Russian Empire

-Austria shall secede Venetia to Italy

-Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire will recognize German, Russian, Spanish and Italian territorial gains

-Constantinople will be declared a free-city under the protection of the Russian Empire

Economic Conditions

-The nations of Great Britain and France will pay war reparations to the United States

-France and Austria will pay war indemnities to the German Empire and Russian Empire, until so Vienna will be occupied by a Russian garrison and Paris by a German garrison

Military Conditions

-Canada and the Great Lakes will be a demilitarized zone for both British and US forces

-Aland Islands will be remilitarized by Russian forces

-The Black Sea will be made a demilitarized zone for Ottoman forces


USA - William Seward

CSA - Judah P Benjamin

British Empire - Lord Stanley

Russian Empire - Edouard de Stockl

Third French Republic - Jules Farve

German Empire - Otto Von Bismark

Kingdom of Italy - Marquis D'Azeglio

Austrian Empire - Rudolf Apponyi

Kingdom of Spain - Alejandro de Castro y Casal

Ottoman Empire - Mehmed Emin Âli Paşa

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