• This is an agreement between Poland and the USSR following World War II.


  • Poland will be maintain its own sovereignty
  • Poland will become a completely communist state. The democratic party will become communist, and only the Democratic and communist parties will be allowed in Poland.
  • The USSR will help all citizens of Poland obey the laws of the new Communist Government, even if this means some military presence.
  • The USSR and Poland will be allies.
  • A trading system will be established between the two countries.
  • If the USSR declares war, cuts off diplomatic ties, or places sanctions on a foreign nation, Poland will do the same.
  • The polish border will include the Eastern and Northern borders of Russian Poland from 1913, the old southern border with Czechoslovakia, the same eastern border as before World War II but with the region near Wilno going under Lithuanian control.
  • We will establish our own organization of communist-aligned states (such as USSR, Poland, Britain, etc.)


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