Nations Involved
Flag Portugal (1830)
Flag of Spain (1945 - 1977)
Flag of the Kingdom of Granada
Conf. Islands
United Mediterr.
Flag of United Republic 1973
United Republics
Republica do Sul

Division of Spain

The Spanish portion of Iberian Peninsula we be partitioned under the communities of Granada, Castille-Leon, Aragon, and Catalonia. The current Granadese government will assist in holding elections involving the other communities. The communities and their capitals/major cities are as follows. 
  • Aragon - Valencia, Caratagona 
  • Castille and Leon - Madrid, Bilbo
  • Catalonia - Barcelona 
  • Granda - Cordoba, Sevilla
  • Galicia 

The Canary Islands, and any African territory will continued to be administered by Granada.

Relations to Portugal and Granada

Portugal and Granada will continue close relations and will discuss forming one union after this treaty. 

The Liberated Republic of the Kingdom of Aragon will be a vassal of Granada

The Liberated Republics of the Kingdoms of Castille and Leon will be a vassal of Portugal

The Liberated Republic of Catalonia will be a vassal of Granada

The Liberated Republic of the Kingdom of Galicia will be a vassal of Portugal. 

Andorra is under the heavy influence of Portugal and the rest of the Iberian Community. Subject to Vassilization in the future. 

Gibraltar is a satellite state, heavily influenced by the Granada, Portugal, the UM, and the UR, reliant on the Iberian Community's trade and defense. Subject to Vassilization in the future. 

Iberian Community

A regional self-defense pact among Portugal, Galicia, Castile and Leon, Granada, Aragon, Catalonia, Gibraltar, and Andorra, with the Balerics and United Mediterr. as observing and associate members. There militaries will share technology and information in order to operate smoothly and efficiently. Trade will be encourage between nations and discussions of preferred trade will begin. Iberian Community Nations will be subject to enjoy the Portuguese-Granadese-UM satellite network. The IC will discuss creating one nation again in 2000, after conflicts have calmed down and regional issues and infrastructure are solved and rebuilt. 


All signatories recognize the current states of Iberia as listed in the treaty.

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