Treaty of Lisbon (1808)

300px-Battle of Salamanca

Battle of Lisbon

(Battle of Lisbon (4/8/1808))

Drafted: 4/25/1808

Signed: 4/25/1808

Location: Lisbon

Sealed: 4/26/1808

Effective: 4/26/1808

Signatories: France, Britain, Portugal

Languages: French British, Portuguese

The Treaty of Lisbon was signed in May 2th, 1808 by France, Britain and Portugal. The treaty concluded the short-lived Portuguese after the Battle of Lison on the 8th.


  1. Portugal gave away all of its colonial possessions except Angola and Mozambique
  2. Portugal lost the provinces of Algarve and Norte to Spain
  3. Portugal was divided into two states: Alentejo to the north and a rump Portugal to the south
  4. The Portuguese states are under French influence and are part of the Continental System


The Treaty of Lisbon had lasting effects that would conclude the Napoleonic Wars. It wrecked the once mighty empire of Portugal, reducing it to two rump states. Also, the exile of the Portuguese Royal Family established the new nation of Brazil, the first independent nation in Latin America. Without its continental ally, Britain was left alone in the dark, finished off by Napoleon in the English Channel War.

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